4cr Minute

by Dave Beaudoin

1. The past two weeks have been rough. Lots of negativity toward some of the most diverse parts of the gaming community has really driven home the point here at 4cr that it’s impossible to get away from assholes, but some really intelligent writing on the subject has proved to be a breath of fresh air. Andrew Todd at Badass Digest wrote a really good background article on the “men’s rights” assholes who are ruining everyone’s fun and Leigh Alexander wrote a fantastic piece on so-called gamers as an audience.

If you haven’t watched it yet, Anita Sarkeesian’s latest Tropes vs. Women video is fantastic and not to be missed.

2. This amazing poster that charts the history of Batman also surfaced this week. As one of DCs two biggest heroes (and in my opinion one of their only consistently compelling major characters) it’s great to see how the character has evolved.



3. Apparently games really do kill. For instance: Pokemon Black


4. Finally, this week saw Nintendo make some pretty interesting announcements. Not only were details on the first series of Amiibos released, but they also announced a hardware refresh for the 3DS. The response to the new 3DS LL was mixed here at 4cr. We all thought it was cool tech, but the game compatibility choices made a few of us pretty frustrated with Nintendo. Someone may have even accused them of “becoming the next Apple.”


So what do you think? Is the new 3DS worth buying? Are all gamers assholes? Should Batman never wear red again? Is Pikachu a killer?


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