Mysterious Murasame Castle

by Sean Corse

When I found out that this game was coming out for the 3DS Virtual Console, I suddenly remembered I had bought the original Famicom Disk System version almost a decade ago, but never played it. Hiro, the proprietor of the eponymous Famicom Dojo video game store, really, really recommended that I buy it. Like so many other games I got that day that I didn’t fully know or understand, it had gone unplayed.

But if the unwashed masses were going to get their hands on it (apparently completely untranslated from the original Japanese), by god I was going to beat them to it!

I didn’t, but I had a heck of a time playing it.

It’s a game that seems like a prototype for The Legend of Zelda, but is still mired in the arcade-style gameplay trappings that Zelda wisely dispensed with: points, abilities that disappear when your character falls in battle, and an ominous timer. Paradoxically, it had a save feature, which I think is necessary to counteract the rage-quit-inducing moments, but you always start from the last castle where you began with basic weaponry. Oh the joy! The tremendous pain!

Even though it’s untranslated, the hardest time you’ll have is creating your save (hint: it’s the first option). Deleting is the second option. Good? Now you can play too!

Would you try this game, even if you don’t have an ounce of nostalgia for it? Leave your comment below!

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