Indie Corner – August 28 2014

by Antonio Garcia

Welcome back to Indie Corner! Today we have reviews for one 3DS and one Wii U release.

First up is Thorium Wars: Attack of the Skyfighter on the 3DS from Big John Games. After defeating the Thorions, humanity thought peace would finally be restored to the planet, but good things can never last. After several years, the Thorions have returned to exact their revenge on humankind on their path to conquer the entire galaxy.

Thorium Wars features three spacecraft that can be selected for each mission depending on what is needed for a particular level, or depending on a player’s style when playing this type of game. The three options are a balanced spacecraft, a fast and nimble craft with weak armor and attack, and a heavy and robust spacecraft with heavy armor and a powerful cannon that is slow as molasses when flying.


Taking that into consideration, the balanced spacecraft, like its name suggests, can be used for any mission, while the small spacecraft is better suited for missions in small and crowded places. If you’re going to be facing several enemies in a mission in space or at larger areas, the heavy spacecraft will be of great help.

Controls are easy to get the hang of and never get in the way. Your cannon’s firing toggles with the D-Pad between alternating shots or a double attack. You can also hold the R button to prepare a powerful charged shot but you have to be careful because if your cannons overheat you’ll be defenseless during cool down.


There are eight missions in total with three difficulty levels for each one, and you earn medals for each mission in each difficulty level depending on how many times you die in battle in a particular mission.

With all those tools at your disposal it’s up to you to go on the offensive against the Thorions and defeat them in battle once again. Pilot your choice of three Skyfighters across alien worlds to protect human colonies and destroy Thorion forces. Blast your way through at hulking mechs, menacing gun turrets, and swarming drones while pushing your dogfighting skills to their limits against adept Thorion Skyfighters.

Soon Shine from Dakhu Creations is an easy to learn and fast-paced game where you control the moon and the sun as you try to eliminate evil spirits moving towards the center of the screen to suck the energy out of our hero/heroine.

The game is endless by nature and the goal is to survive for as long as possible to earn a high score and tokens which are used as the in-game currency for purchasing new in-game backgrounds and songs or several single use items that can be used in two of the three game modes. These items can destroy all enemies on screen or heal all of the energy you’ve lost, to name a few.

The gameplay in Soon Shine involves tapping the evil spirits to make them explode, but there is more to the game than just that. Some of the spirits can only be defeated by the sun, and some can only be defeated by the moon, which means you’ll be switching back and forth by swiping over the center of the screen. Luckily spirits don’t move while the opposite character is being used, allowing you to plan accordingly to maximize your combo opportunities.

Soon Shine - 1

One interesting aspect of the combos in Soon Shine is that they work differently than in other games. You need to destroy spirits of the same color in order to bump your multiplier, and hitting a spirit of a different color will break your combo. The good thing about combos is that if you manage to get it up to a x8 multiplier, as soon as you screw up and break your combo a bubble enters the screen and popping it will reward you with a random amount of extra tokens, which is a nice bonus for your effort.

Soon Shine - 2

Each session of Soon Shine in the game’s first two modes starts a bit slow for the first few minutes, but ramp up from there. Things are frenetic in the third, timed mode since you only have three minutes to defeat as many spirits as you can to bump your high score as much as possible.

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