4cr plays – BlazBlue ClonePhantasma

by Antonio Garcia

In BlazBlue ClonePhantasma, you take control of one of twelve characters from the fighting series roster to fight dozens of clones of the rest of the characters, as you search for the reason why this is happening.

The game’s main rule is that you must knock out X number of enemies from the mini-arena in order to move on to the next level, and you must avoid being thrown off of the platform or you’ll lose a life. If this happens three times it is game over, but you can immediately continue and restart on the same level.

The controls are easy to learn; you move the characters with the analog stick, attack with the A button, do a different attack with the X button, and activate a super attack with the Y button. You can also jump with the B button, but this is only used for the final boss (more on that later).

Blazblue ClonePhantasma - 2

If you are damaged by enemies, or if you activate your super attack you’ll “level-up,” and this increases the strength of your attacks but it also makes it easier for enemies to knock you off of the platform. On top of that, if you’re hit by an enemy when you’re level 3, or if you activate your super attack, you’ll be dizzy for a few seconds; long enough for an enemy to send you flying into the void.

Every single level in the game feels exactly the same, save for a stair here, a wall there, or having a freaking train running in the middle of the level. But since the objective is always the same and the enemies behave the same (with some very easy A.I.), you’ll feel like you’re playing one long level until you reach the mid-boss or the final boss as you work your way through the game. Reaching those bosses is the only time you’ll have some extra “story interactions” but, unfortunately, they’re all variations of “are you real or a clone?,” and “Let’s fight… Because!” At least the mid-boss and boss are different for each character, but their behavior is still always the same. The final boss always grows into a giant, jumps around the arena a few times and then charges
towards you for a one hit kill.

Blazblue ClonePhantasma - 1

And that’s it. It took me longer to download the game than it did to complete the level with Ragna, so I went back and gave the game another chance and finished it all over again with two more characters, but I was definitely not feeling what the game had to offer. The BlazBlue universe has a rich story that could have easily been adapted into a 2D beat-em-up, and the characters have great special and super attacks that could have made it possible to offer a handful of fighters that feel unique instead of twelve that all feel exactly the same.

BlazBlue ClonePhantasma had a lot of potential. A brawler with chibi versions of several of the BlazBlue cast certainly sounds like fun, but since this is not a proper beat-em-up, and the story is not even mildly appealing, the game wastes a great chance to do something cool and different and instead presents a short, boring game.

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