4cr Indie Corner: 3-Way Giveaway!

by Antonio Garcia

Our Indie Corner feature keeps going strong! Today we’ll talk about two Wii U releases along with one 3DS game.

Let’s get started with a game that features a particularly interesting premise. Frederic: Resurrection of Man from Forever Entertainment gives you the opportunity adventure as Frederic Chopin who is back from the dead. Finding himself in the present, Frederic slowly starts to witness and embrace some of the changes in the world over the last 165 years or so as he goes out on a journey to save the world of music.

Gameplay takes place on the Wii U Gamepad and features a note highway (think Guitar Hero) where you must press each of the keys as notes come down the screen. In order to win musical duels against enemies, you must keep the bar at the top of the screen at least 1% on your opponent’s side. The mechanic is similar to a tug-o-war, if you do badly your opponent will push your bar and take over your side and if you’re doing great by keeping a high combo and activating your power move, you’ll keep your opponent at bay.

Frederic - 1

Frederic: Resurrection of Man includes twelve of Chopin’s classics (along with some Punch-Out level stereotypes) which have been remixed to match the musical style of whatever opponent you’re facing, and features over an hour of story with fully voiced “moving comic book” presentation.

Next up is Chubbins from Dahku Creations. This is a port of a previously iOS-only release in which you guide the titular character through cruelly-fun levels that test your skill and dexterity. The controls are simple and you only have to worry about moving left or right because Chubbins is always bouncing up and down.

There are a total of 40 levels split into 5 worlds, and the game does a great job of introducing new elements, enemies, and hazards at a steady pace as to never overwhelm a player. There are two options for difficulty, and going with the easy setting (Soft Mode) presents a good challenge while offering more checkpoints at which to respawn.

Chubbins 1

If you think you have what it takes after finishing the game on Soft mode, you can go back for another go on Hard mode and see if you really ARE as good as you think, or tackle each level on its own in Time Attack mode to top your best performance.

The last game for today is Tangram Attack from Square One Games. This game takes Tangram, the ancient Chinese puzzle that several of you are probably familiar with, and transports it to the 3DS with hundreds of puzzles to solve, but with a twist.

As you can see from the video, instead of grabbing the pieces to form a figure’s outline – as is the case for Tangram Style on 3DS – you have to slice a figure down into pieces, by making sure each slice cuts though one piece in a single swift cut without cutting through another piece in the way. Since doing this from the start with no help would be cruel, Tangram Attack featuers an Academy mode that teaches players to spot the Tangram shapes by presenting them highlighted with different colors. As you progress through the game, fewer and fewer pieces are colored, until you’re tasked with slicing all pieces with no extra help.

Tangram Attack - 1

The more you advance in the Academy, the more modes you unlock to keep the action going. Zen, Blitz and Arcade modes all introduce new mechanics new so that players are not bored. Just be careful and don’t make three mistakes in a row or you’ll have to start over again!


Want a free copy of Frederic: Resurrection of Music, Tangram Attack and Chubbins? Then follow @4colorrebellion and @dahkucreations for a chance to win! And yes, you can win all three games if you follow the rules!

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