4cr Minute

by Dave Beaudoin

1. Mini Metro is now available for early access on Steam. It’s a puzzle game disguised as a public transportation sim. It’s surprisingly fun and you end up developing some pretty chaotic, yet classy subway maps.

2. We are apparently in the midst of a Mario Paint Composer rennissance. It’s amazing that such a simple tool can be used to make such complex tunes!

3. Andrei Tarkovksy’s films are now available to watch online for free! If you’re unfamiliar with him, Tarkovksy is a renowned Russian filmmaker who is probably best known in the west as the director of the original Solaris (the George Clooney one was a remake). 

4. For the old school gamers out there, SSI is back! Some of the original team behind the company has relaunched as TSI and they have a countdown timer on their webesite RIGHT NOW. SSI was one of the first strategic combat game companies. They also had the Dungeons & Dragons license and published a number of fantastic adventure games.

5. While it’s not strictly a game, this last piece of news is too strange not to share. Tom Hanks (yes, that Tom Hanks) just published an App for iPads. It’s a virtual typewriter that is designed to emulate the feeling of using a classic typewriter on your iPad. Because Tom Hanks is apparently a typewriter aficionado. I guess you learn something new every day!


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