4cr Minute

by Nick Luckett

Sakurai unveiled a Samus’s Zero Suit outfit in Smash Bros today. I loved that part in Zero Mission. No armor and just a pee shooter. Still, we would have much rather seen a Zero Suit Wario, as seen in Kyatt’s image above. Wehhh hehe heh.


The Mountain is out on Steam. I have this on my iPhone and it’s a fun little thing slightly more interactive than a screensaver. It’s from the guy who designed the fake video game in the movie HER, which I would love to play one day. I kinda like his approach to using the gaming medium for his art. Grab it on Steam here.


The Onion has a good skit on the new Ninja Turtles movie… and their fully rendered CGI turtle penises.


And finally, here is a decent podcast to listen to while you work today. Matt White, the creator of the awesome looking indie Ghost Song chats about his process, what it’s like to work on a game all day every day and more. Pumped for this game. Check out the podcast here.