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by Antonio Garcia

Welcome to a new installment of a feature we’re calling Indie Corner! This time around we’ll focus on three games, two on Wii U and one on DSiware. Enjoy!

First off is the questionably titled Bombing Bastards from Sanuk Games, which is a Bomberman-like experience. This is a notable inclusion on the Wii U eShop because after Konami bought Hudson Soft, good old Bomberman was pretty much retired. Don’t believe me? Name the last Bomberman console release (and no, Bomberman Zero never existed).

Bombing Bastard - 1

Your task is to defeat all critters in every level as you collect power-ups from every block you destroy (extra bombs, larger explosions, detonators, gloves to throw bombs, and more), in order to unlock the next level until you reach the boss. The explanation for all this bombing is that the scientist who created you wants to conquer the universe. The scientist is fully voiced and guides you through the tutorial, narrating every instruction, and communicates with you along the way to make sure you don’t forget the goal.

Every level has a five minute countdown until the robot’s battery runs out, and if you want to get a 3-star rating, you need to complete the level in two minutes or less. The further you advance the weirder and smarter the critters get, so the Bombing Bastard must outsmart enemies while being careful since one hit is all it takes to break him.

Bombing Bastard Multiplayer

On top of the single player option, Bombing Bastards also features a multiplayer mode for up to five humans and three AI opponents via local multiplayer for a total of eight robots on screen at once.

It had been a while since I played a game like this, and I loved every minute of it. I could tell that I was rusty since the game offered to let me skip the boss after I had died several times, but I refused to admit defeat and continued to try until I was able to destroy him.

The second game for today’s feature is Shut The Box from prolific indie developer RCMADIAX. As was the case with Poker Dice Solitaire Future, this is a budget release that takes inspiration from the physical game of the same name (though this classic game is also known as Canoga, Klackers, Zoltan Box, Batten Down the Hatches or High Rollers).

Shut the Box - 1

The game play is easy to understand, and the presentation is minimalist. Players roll a pair of dice and can tap the numbers available in three rows to match either the individual dice or the sum of both numbers. In order to access the second and third rows, pieces from the previous row must be eliminated to open the way, and the game ends when a player removes all pieces from the screen, or when no new matches can be made.

High-scores can be quickly posted to the Miiverse by taking a screenshot of the final screen and posting it directly on the game’s Miiverse section, keeping the competition going to see how many people can get a perfect score.

Shut the Box - 2

At only $0.99 it’s a fun game to enjoy here and there between longer gaming sessions My first session did run for well over an hour as I was aiming for a perfect score, which I still haven’t secured after playing for several hours, but this is probably atypical.

The final game this week is Amida’s Path from Collavier, a developer featured in our previous Indie Corner feature who is back with a new DSiware release.

In Amida’s Path, you are tasked with the Purifying of Kyoto after demons start to appear all over the place, threatening the peace of the land and people. You have to search and defeat the source of all evil before it is too late, but first you have to start start by saving a poor old man who is under attack by a demon or two.

Amidas Path - 1

To do this, you have to draw lines connecting the five paths on the bottom screen to send their attacks to a line not occupied by one of the three characters in the game. All the characters aren’t available right from the start, but all three will be unlocked when you reach the mid-point of the game.

Each demon you defeat provides the character that killed it with one or more souls, which can be delivered to the local temple to be released. The more souls you release, the sooner you’ll be able to level up. When you gain levels you can select to improve a character’s hit points, their attack strength, the speed at which their attacks travel on each line and path, or how fast their unique special attack bar fills up.

Amidas Path - 2

The game’s setting and demons are based on Japanese folklore, so you might even learn something new about the culture of Japan as you play the game. You might have even seen some of these demons before since several games have featured them in one or another role, but I definitely don’t remember seeing Oniwaka, Honen or Bikuni used in a game (especially since two of the characters are based on real people from Japan’s history!).

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