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by Antonio Garcia

Pure Pool, like Pure Chess before it, showcases the great work of Ripstone in developing a game that looks, plays and feels just like the real thing. Unlike other pool games in the market, Pure Pool is presented in a live environment full of people, chatter and ambient sounds that elevate the experience.

Being a fan of Ripstone’s releases, I was excited to receive a review copy of Pure Pool so that I could let you know if it’s worthy of your money or just another “ringer.”

The game starts with an easy tutorial that shows the basics of controlling the game. You control the strength of your shot with the right analog stick, decide where to hit the ball with the left analog stick, apply some spin to the shot or even step away from the table to get a better view of things. And yes, I did stick around for the whole tutorial (which is only a few minutes long) just to unlock a trophy.

There are several game modes to enjoy, from a quick practice session against the CPU, to creating online tournaments and even an offline career mode. Games include 8 ball, 9 ball, Killer, and several challenges that require that the player not miss as they try to clear the table or finish the table within a time limit.

Pure Pool - 1

The game’s offline carreer mode includes several tournaments where the main goal is always the same: win, win, win! On top of this, there are in-game accolades to earn and a specific set of 3 accolades that reward players with up to three stars per game. These stars are used to unlock additional career tournaments and trophies.

Pure Pool - 2

And then, there’s the online portion of the game. Finding a game online is very easy and it only takes a minute to connect to an opponent. You just select the type of game to play and search for an available player (out of the thousands already enjoying the game) and you’re ready to go. As mentioned before, you can even create an online tournament of your own. I’m not much of an online gamer since I always prefer local multiplayer or even single player experiences, but the online mode in Pure Pool made it easy for me to jump into a quick match before continuing with career mode with no loading and no delay.

An interesting feature in the game is the DNA component. The game learns how you like to play and creates an AI clone that other players can download to challenge you when the real you is not around. This is great for when your friends are busy and you want to test your improved skills for an impromptu “rematch” while they’re away.

Pure Pool also offers a full list of trophies so some players will get more playtime out of the game while trying to collect them all. Several even require playing hundreds of games in the modes available.

Pure Pool 3

Pure Pool is a polished game with superb graphics and more than enough content to justify its price. I was hooked during my first game session and ended up spending theee hours straight playing before I realized how late it was, and I was ready to do the same the next day. Pure Pool will keep me busy playing on my PS4 for months, and I’m sure you’ll love it too.

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