4CR Minute

by Francois Joron

1: I won’t talk about Sony’s recent Gamescom announcements but I will, once again, mention Hohokum (which has just been released this week), more specifically its soundtrack was released digitally and on a limited rainbow-spotted clear vinyl by Ghostly International (a favorite of mine). They’re a pretty rad music label and also design/art shop. It features tracks by Matthew Dear, Tycho, Shigeto and more, mostly from the label’s roster. Along building a pretty solid line-up of games for its next-gen console, I really like how Sony handles its first-party digital exclusives by opting for experimental, artsy outings. GI-222_labela_1500x300_1024x1024 2: A quick response from Blizzard to Robin Williams’ sad departure, they will add a Robin Williams NPC in World of Warcraft.

3: I’ve seen them as illustrations, but I didn’t know they really made them. Optimus Prime as a PSone and Megatron as a Sega Genesis. Greg is right, they’re awesome. 8TFdDg5 iBFmpvE 4: Speaking of classic consoles, if Notorious B.I.G. rapped about them it would had have sounded probably like this:

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