4cr Giveaway – Wooden Sen’Sey

by Antonio Garcia

Upper Byte and Neko Entertainment have joined forces to bring Wooden Sen’SeY to the Wii U™ eShop and Steam Store. It’s a gorgeous 2D platformer that throws in some hookshot style grappling to mix things up a bit.

Wooden Sen’Sey is the story of Goro, the village chief who must defeat his enemies some sweet vengeance. Why is he seeking vengeance? Because someone stole all of his booze, and he won’t sit down and wait while his alcohol goes to waste. He is armed with a pair of axes than can be used to slice enemies in half, execute special attacks that augment the game’s platforming, or even to swing from wooden surfaces in order to reach far away platforms or to stop from falling into bottomless pits.

Wooden SenSey - 3

The game grabs you right from the start with a colorful and tight art style that changes to suit the mood of each of the environments. From forest that feel alive to cold underwater sections, and from sunsets where only black figures can be seen or pirate ships infested with enemies, Wooden Sen’Sey is one of the best looking games in the eshop.

Wooden SenSey - 1

The underwater section in particular also provides a nice break from the fast-paced action present in all other levels. The graphics and music are different from the rest of the game (as are the controls) and I really liked the moody atmosphere created by the undersea journey.

Wooden SenSey - 2

In addition to the regular game mode there is also a time attack mode. This mode features 30 bite-sized levels where time is of the essence, and the lower your final time, the higher your score. To make things more interesting, there are also some collectibles along the way that reward you with extra points.

Even though each level can be completed in 20-30 seconds, the real drive here is trying to obtain all 3 medals for each level which also helps the player to rank higher in the online leaderboards. You can spend hours on these 30 levels replaying them over and over until you’ve mastered them, aiming to shave a few miliseconds here and there until you’ve made it to the top.

One area that several gamers might have a problem is the game’s length. Wooden Sen’Sey can be completed in 3-5 hours depending on if you just want to complete the game or if you want to 100% the game. As mentioned above, time attack also brings some extra content to the table, and your run to the #1 spot on each leaderboard might end up adding another 2-4 hours depending on skill.

Wooden SenSey - 4

Wooden Sen’Sey is a great looking game that offers a story and a time attack mode (with online leaderboards) to keep you busy for hours. With my current backlog a short game is definitely not a bad thing, as long as it’s fun, and Wooden Sen’Sey is fun indeed. Though Neko provided me with a copy for review, at $10 on the eShop and steam Wooden Sen’Sey represents a fair value. I am definitely looking forward to Neko’s next Wii U release (since so far they haven’t disappointed me), and it will be interesting to see if they go for a new genre not in their current portfolio.

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