4cr Minute

by Francois Joron


A few weeks ago, Criterion released David Cronenberg’s early theatrical release Scanners. From all the horror movies I rented back when we were teens, Scanners had quite an effect on me. Its mix of bizarre horror and cerebral themes (literally and figuratively in this case), still work beautifully today; even the pre-digital special effects are quite striking – if not explosive. In typical Criterion fashion, the BluRay set features an array of interesting bonuses and a completely restored transfer of the director’s debut: Stereo. The beautifully designed packaging sports some pretty arresting illustrations by Connor Willumsen, check it out below. Even in the digital, streaming age, Criterion makes owning the object a work of art. 


Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 10.19.13 PM



Dave shared a step-by-step guide for upgrading your PS4 to a 2TB thatched hut, in which Michael replied: ” Oh man I love thatched huts! They’re all like, thatched and shit. One of these days I’m gonna develop an understanding of computer hardware.” I’m with you on this one, Michael.

Also, Sony wins the “best screw that has the controller face buttons on it” lifetime achievement award.



Dave also shared a pigeon dating sim that is now available on Steam and it’s strangely something I would like to play.



Edgar has been playing the Android police and shared this shocking reveal of a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 front panel and screen used in the second batch of development kits for the infamous, social media owned, Oculus Rift. 


Seriously strange news all around this week. You cannot make up this kind of stuff!

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