Things X 5 – Siesta Fiesta Giveaway!

by Francois Joron

I’ll say it from the start, I think Siesta Fiesta is one of the best games to have graced the 3DS so far this year and if you’re missing out on this awesome, nifty little game, you’re missing out big and you are not a good person. Ok, so you’re probably still a good person, but you’re not cool at all. Here’s why.


Bouncing, Brick-breaking and Scrolling

Siesta Fiesta takes what is the basic, possibly oldest and most revisited, gameplay mechanic of Arkanoid and turns it on its head by scrolling the entire screen from left to right. It turns Siesta Fiesta into a unique auto-scrolling/brick breaking/pinball hybrid that feels fresh and innovative.


The controls also feel just right, especially when using the touch screen (though buttons are absolutely fine). The ball movement and physics seem to have been carefully adjusted to game’s own autoscrolling mechanic and the level design often demonstrates very clever implementations of the whole package. Special blocks, or special sequences of blocks, require careful planning and creativity to maximize you high score. The developer also added a small, but essential, feature: a “bounce” button that lets you play with the momentum you give to your ball when it hits your paddle. Simply said, it lets your ball go higher; but it also adds an extra layer of strategy to the game. It is obvious after only a little play that this is a carefully crafted game.


Do You Remember Arkedo Studios?


Even before actually playing it, I already compared Siesta Fiesta to Nervous Brickdown and Big Bang Mini, two of the absolute best, if not well known, Nintendo DS games. Those two games were made by the small, and now inactive, French developer Arkedo Studios; a developer known as much for their presentation and innovative take on classic gameplay mechanics as for for their clever, upbeat games. I’ve never really encountered similar games since playing their titles on the DS, but Siesta Fiesta brings all that unique feeling back. There’s a mix of fun, challenge, and a just plain weird setting only possible in video games. From my perspective, that is the highest compliment.


Mexican Rockabilly Chipmunks & Candy-Slick Visuals


The game presentation is also superb. Visually, Siesta Fiesta features slick, cute and quirky visuals. While the game starts off with the much obliged Mexican dessert outing, it quickly change the scenery by letting you visit neon filled underground caves, venetian ports and surf spots, all of this complimented by subtle 3D tricks that adds a nice depth to the visuals like splashes of water covering the screen when you break water blocks. The accompanying soundtrack is a bit crazy, often mixing rockabilly-style music with traditional Mexican music with chipmunk-esque (think Alvin) synthesized voices singing along. It might sound irritating from that description, but trust me, it’s one of the funniest soundtracks I’ve heard in a game recently.


No gold for you!

Behind the title’s fun presentation and clever gameplay, hides a pretty challenging game, especially if you’re aiming for a gold medal at the end of the levels. Getting a high score means chaining together a sequence of blocks, getting as many hits as possible without dropping your ball, earning bonuses, and so on. There is a nice collection of gimmick blocks that range from giant blocks to balloon pumps and detonating blocks. The game always manages to keep itself interesting.


Although I must admit, from my first play through, I have earned only a minimal number of gold medals and only a few silver ones. Collecting bonuses and hitting special blocks, especially the ones that require a determined sequence, a certain level of precision, and a full grasp of the “bounce” button can make it difficult to keep up while the screen is scrolling. As I was returning to certain level or simply progressing through the game, I found myself performing better, but like any brick breaking game, there is also a bit of luck required because you can only rely on your quick reflexes to get you so far. That could potentially be frustrating for some, but they would be totally missing the point of the game. Still, it’s notable that getting gold medals is extremely tough.


Boss of the bosses.


At the end of each of the eight worlds you encounter a boss fight where the developers turn the already crazy game mechanic on its head for even crazier results. I don’t want to spoil anything, but you’ll be amused by some the clever tricks and gimmicks that went into designing the boss fights.

Siesta Fiesta is awesome and I hope it’s awesome enough to be noticed by as many people as possible. Don’t miss out on this one, this the kind of exclusive game that could define the 3DS eShop. Go get it.

This feature was written based on a Nintendo eShop code provided by Mojo Bones. Siesta Fiesta is available to download on the Nintendo eShop for the Nintendo 3DS for $5.99.


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