4cr Giveaway – Strike Force Foxx

by Antonio Garcia

Do any of you remember Choplifter? No? OK, history lesson time!

Choplifter was a game released way back in 1982, with the premise that you were in charge of rescuing hostages from hostile territory. The game was ported to dozens of platforms, got a couple of sequels, and even received an HD remake back in 2012.

All good on that? Great!

Strike Force Foxx, a new eShop release for the 3DS, takes the premise of Choplifter, and adds a background story revolving around Grid, a terrorist organization led by the evil Dr. Synchros. They’re up to no good. So, if you needed motivation to rescue hostages and destroying enemy bases, you now have one. Because terrorists.

Flying your Razor One chopper as you avoid enemy fire and try not to kill any civilians is a fun experience. The better you are at each mission, the more stars you’ll receive, in turn unlocking new updates to your vehicle. If you’re skilled enough to earn those stars and collect enough money, you’ll be able to snag better armor (be able to take more hits), an increased firing rate (so you can do more damage), missiles (BOOM!) and more.

The game includes dozens of missions to test your skills, and the controls feel very nice. To destroy enemies, you can switch perspectives between a straight-forward movement to a top-down one. I suggest flipping your helicopter sideways to fire straight down when close to hostages so that you don’t accidentally kill any of them, and you can gently push on the analog stick to change your flight speed on the go.

Strike Force Foxx - 1

Later in the game, you’ll he able to hire mercenaries that can be deployed at any time to cover you from the ground. There are sort of a “single use” item, so to speak, because once a mercenary has been deployed, you can’t recover them. You will need to hire a new one if you plan on taking advantage of the extra help during the next mission.

Even though there are several upgrades to unlock, they unfortunately come very late in the game, so you won’t have a fully equipped chopper until the last few levels. I would have liked more upgrades during the first half of the game to bring in some extra variety. This could be something that bothers players.

Strike Force Foxx - 2

Overall, Strike Force Foxx brings solid arcade action to the 3DS. Fans of the original Choplifter will be pleased with the tight gameplay and controls, and the 30+ missions will keep you busy for hours. The stereoscopic 3D graphics in Strike Force Foxx looks nice, with everything really popping. There’s definitely room for improvement, and it will be interesting to see if Big John Games goes back to this game for a second run.

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