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by Antonio Garcia

Internal Invasion is the first Wii U release from indie developer Bear Box Media, and as has been the case with the recent influx of indie releases on Nintendo’s home console, this game is part of the Nintendo Web Framework initiative.

Internal Invasion is described as a “unique gravity-based platformer” in the official blurb, but what does this mean?

Turns out that in the future, viruses are eradicated by sophisticated nanobots that enter a patient’s bloodstream. In Internal Invasion, you control Ro-Bert, a cheery nanobot tasked with defeating some of them nasty virus during his run.

The game is controlled with the Wii U Gamepad’s touch screen as you press, pull and push Ro-Bert into special cannons that send him flying all over the place. Which sounds simple, and it is at least for a bit. For each level your performance is rated from 1 to 5 pills (think of them as stars) depending on if you completed a level before time ran out if you shot out of a cannon up to the par limit for the level, and if you collected the three energy pills available for each level. Doing all three will reward you with a perfect five-pill score, and Ro-Bert will show up on-screen to shout “Incredible!”

Internal Invasion - 1

But energy pills aren’t only for increasing your rating for the level, they also provide energy that can be used to send Ro-Bert flying, perhaps skipping a cannon or two in order to reach the par limit for a level, or maybe to speed towards the finish line before time runs out. Some of the later levels demand that you learn their layout by doing a couple of runs, in order to identify the shortcuts you may have to take to get a perfect score.

The game has 50 levels to complete, and every 10 levels there is a boss fight where a large virus is chasing Ro-Bert, and if you’re not quick enough, he will be destroyed. These levels bring a nice change of pace for the game, but I definitely want to see what else the developer can do with boss levels since there will be more content added for free at a later date.

Internal Invasion - 3

I love puzzle games, and picking up the gamepad and figuring out how each level worked in order to use the energy from pills to cut corners or fly over unnecessary cannons kept me coming back for more. I ended up playing for a solid hour straight to get a perfect score on the first 20 levels. After that, I ended up playing in shorter 10-20 minute bursts, working my way towards level 50.

Notable is that some of the levels had a bit of slowdown during the first second or two. The developer has stated that this is being worked on since it has to do with how the Nintendo Web Framework functions, and that he’s working on a patch to overcome said issue.

Internal Invasion - 2

Internal Invasion is a colorful indie release with the right amount of content… for now. The promise of a more polished game (with a patch that will get rid of the slowdown at the start of some levels) as well as of extra levels at no charge will eventually make this even better.

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