4cr Minute

by Dave Beaudoin

Ron Gilbert released the original Maniac Mansion design document and it’s really cool! The artwork is fantastic and it’s always cool to see what designers were thinking of when they put together these classic games!

There is a guy over at Polygon who is reviewing every FMV game. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more blatant display of outright self loathing in my life. Cudos to him for taking the bullet for all of us.

There’s another release of the first Oddworld game coming out. Part of me wonders why we need another release of this game (even if it is getting the remake treatment), another part of me feels old when I realize that there are a ton of gamers who are too young to have played the original.

There’s an amazing thread over at NeoGAF where people are posting PS1 demakes of modern games. There are some serious new classics over there that are worth checking out.

Richard Cobbett posted a pretty great and nostalgic look at Doom over at his site. With QuakeCon just wrapping up and a new installment of DOOM on the horizon it’s nice
to look back to the roots of this landmark series.

4cr Minute Bonus!
Our very own Edgar Doiron hosts an ongoing in-game Guild Wars 2 exploration event that was just covered by the official ArenaNet Google+ and Facebook accounts. The GW2 living story is also continuing to evolve and the latest teaser was just released. There’s a new dragon in the world who’s influence is literally spreading like a weed.

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