4cr Minute

by Dave Beaudoin


This is what happens when a six year old names the Smash Bros. line up. Poor Martha.


Last week Greg Talked a bit about cartography in games. It reminded me of one of my favorite games from when I was little. In the game you buy supplies and then map large sections of the Amazon looking for treasure and ruins to explore. Unfortunately I had never been able to remember the name of the game and had been using my best Google-Fu for years to try to find any trace of it. Greg’s post inspired me to do another search and lo and behold, I turned up a great series of reviews by the guy over at CRPG Addict of Expedition Amazon. From the reviews, I’m pretty sure I’ve been remembering it with more nostalgia than it’s due, but at least now I can try to track down a copy to play! Plus, the second post in the series actually has an account of winning the game (a feat my 5 year old self never came close to accomplishing). But even more interesting, Willard Phillips, the game’s creator showed up in the comment thread on the original review to say hi!


Nathan Drake sure says “No” a lot.


Speaking of supercuts, I found this awesome 20 minute cut of video games in movies. Highlight for me is The Last Starfighter, what’s yours?


Last, and probably least, is this bootleg Nintedo Pro Controller


The Comic Sans and guarantee that it’s not going to necessarily work are truly a mark of quality!

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