4cr Minute

by Gregory Gay


Nintendo of Europe has launched a new eShop video series starring Mario and Peach puppets in cat suits, and it is… It’s something, alright.

I was already a little creeped out by the cat suits and ecstatic “Meeeeooowwwss” in Mario 3D World (I blame the internet). Add in terrible voice acting (when did Mario become British?) and wince-inducing dialogue, and you’ve just created the opposite of an advertising campaign. An anti-advertisement? A warning sign? Yeah, we’ll go with that.

If you want to watch it yourself, go for it. Just don’t say that I didn’t warn you.


I don’t usually get too jealous of San Diego Comic Con attendees – the exclusive trailers and such always make it to the net anyways – but, I do occasionally feel some merch envy. For instance, I would kill for these S.H.E.I.L.D. and Hydra pint glasses.

Check out more of Marvel’s Comic Con loot here.


While most of us complained a bit about this year’s Club Nintendo platinum prize being a game download, we’ve all fallen into the acceptance phase where we realize that, hey, a free game is a free game. If you’re curious about our selections, here you go:

Antonio – Game & Wario
Gabriel – Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D
Carl – Deciding between G&W and DKCR
Francois – Game & Wario
Calen – Wario Land 2
Jody – Dr. Luigi
Bombs – Game & Wario
Kyatt – Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D

I’m still undecided myself. I’m trying to choose between Game & Wario, NES Remix, and Dr. Luigi. I feel like I might actually get the most play out of Dr. Luigi, but Game & Wario will net me another $5 certificate in Nintendo’s digital deluxe promotion. I love the Wario Ware series, but was put off by the negative comments on G&W. Any opinions?


Want to guess the latest addition to Super Smash Bros? More Fire Emblem characters? Bayonetta?

Nope, it’s Rayman.

That’s… bizarre. We’ve had 3rd party characters dropping in, but this is the first western inclusion as far as I’m aware. Also weird, Sakurai dropped this update on the internet like cameos from random 3rd party developers is a completely normal thing:

“Pic of the day. In order to make Rayman’s trophy, we asked Ubisoft to share their references. We were expecting to receive 2D drawing references for Rayman, but to our surprise, they sent us data of a brand new 3D model that they rendered for this game!! And that was how this trophy was created. It takes a lot of work creating each model, so it’s wonderful that the creators contributed their own efforts!! “

Will Rayman be the next playable character? Probably not, but it makes you wonder just how many surprise cameos we’ll be seeing in this game.


I leave you with the soundtrack to your Friday.

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