Kickin’ it with Studio Mono – InSomnia

by Antonio Garcia

For today’s Kickin’ It With I got to talk with Studio Mono about InSomnia. If you’ve been waiting for a post-apocalyptic RPG set in a Dieselpunk Universe to show up on Kickstarter, then you’re in luck!

4cr: Hi! Thanks for doing this interview. Could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi! My name is Anatoliy Guyduk, I am the lead developer of the project, the author of the concept, and the art director of InSomnia RPG

4cr: Studio MONO took to Kickstarter for a second time to try and fund Insomnia, an RPG set in a dieselpunk future. What has changed for this campaign in comparison to the first Kickstater you launched last year?

Yes, we canceled our previous Kickstarter campaign. we got a lot of feedback about the mistakes we made. I think the main thing that has changed is that we now have a community that helps us get a more clear vision of what InSomnia RPG should be. Another great thing is that we now have a tech demo that shows our game engine, proving that we can deal with complicated tasks.

InSomnia - 1

4cr: It’s interesting that you’re saying that the game will have extra chapters available for free after launch to continue developing the story. What made you decide to take this approach?

Yes there will be free content for KS backers. It will be free for sure. =)

First of all we have tons of ideas about the storyline and its development, but we realize that we will not be able to implement all of this at once. This is why we will continue to work on the project after the main release in order to move the main storyline forward. Right now we’re stating that they will be free for KS backers, for sure. How will it be distributed for other players? We don’t know right now. By discussing this additional content with backers, we decided to release big expansions with a lot of content, perhaps 3 or 4 in total.

4cr: How many people are working on Insomnia right now?

Right now we have a core team of 6 members that are working on the project during every free minute. Most of them have another job (except me), but but once the Kickstarter is successfully funded all will work full time on the project. And there are also several freelancers from all over the world who periodically work on the project. We’re always busy with Skype conference calls, exchanging experiences and sources of inspiration as well as reviewing all work.

InSomnia - 2

4cr: Is there a way for people to try the game right now to experience some of the team’s hard work?

As mentioned before, we have a a tech demo that shows the progress made by developing our own game engine to create insomnia RPG. Everyone is welcome to download it from this link. Oh, and please remember that it’s a pre-alpha version so there are hundreds of things to implement once the campaign is funded. Once you’ve tried it, we’d love to hear what you think!

4cr: Are you offering digital or physical rewards for backers? What are some examples of the rewards that backers can get?

We have digital and physical rewards, from a digital copy of the game to creating a unique items, outfits sets with their own story and styling according to backers descriptions, as well as physical rewards as is the case of a quality printed art book signed by our artists (we’ve already spent a lot of time developing the unique look of InSomnia RPG, and with the art book you’ll be able to see how it all happened) or even a collectible steelbook edition of the game, or an action figure of one of the key characters.

InSomnia - 4

4cr: Have you considered releasing Insomnia on consoles (Wii U/PS4/XBO)? The Wii U in particular would seem like an interesting fit for the game since you could place inventory management and hot keys on the Wii U GamePad’s screen, as was done by indie release Unepic.

We get a lot of messages from backers asking if we could release InSomnia on consoles. We’ve announced that we’re considering this option but that we need to carefully analyze it after the campaign is funded. Our main goal is to release the game on PC, Mac and Linux, and we’ll evaluate a console after this.

4cr: With the way things are going for the campaign, what are some of the potential stretch goals set for improving the game if enough funds are secured?

The first important stretch goal is professional voice-overs. It is very expensive to get this for a game, but I think it’s important in order to bring the players into the game so that they can enjoy it more. We’re also considering adding several types of vehicles to control, and that would require that we implement additional physical mechanisms, skills, abilities, interfaces, etc. And speaking of that, another stretch goal calls for improved physics and destructible environments that could completely change the experience.

InSomnia - 3

4cr: Thank you once again for being with us today. Do you want to say anything else?

Thank you for you questions! I hope your readers will find my answers useful and that they are now interested in InSomnia so that they visit our Kickstarter page. Thanks!

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