4cr Minute

by Nick Luckett

Happy hump day folks. Here’s what’s happening in the world of 4cr.

1. This Gigantic game looks great. Better than the new Zelda?

2. One of us discovered Papo & Yo.


François Joron: Just started Papo & Yo. It’s amazing. The gameplay is sweet and the art direction, and visuals, are stunning.

Edgar Doiron: And the story is sad.

Gabriel Turcotte-Dubé: I was so sad when I discovered ™∞¢∞§¢£™•¶ª¶ª§∞•§∞¢∞¢£™∞¢™¢∞£∞¢§§¶©¥©¶†ƒ§¢ß¨∆¥©√˚¨¥∫¨¥®ç∞´≈˙∆∆√ˆ¨®ç∆© ˚¨√¨†ç¨¥© ¥©ç† creative.

Gabriel Turcotte-Dubé: I guess I’m not supposed to tell you that. You didn’t hear anything.

EdEN: Papo and Yo is just awesome.

Gabriel Turcotte-Dubé: Did you know the main guy behind it was the producer of Army of Two, but he quit because he was uncomfortable with violent games?

François Joron: Wow. There’s something truly special with that game, I can feel it. Cannot wait to go back to it.

EdEN: It gets better during he second half.

3. Michael Tucker has a new article coming up soon and he teased us about it via email:

“I was writing some of it last night and had the Smash Bros. site open to the countdown for the next character announcement open in another window and it just kinda hit me how excited I still am for all this dumb stuff. I tend to think I’m disillusioned with the industry these days, but yet I’m still staying up “past my bedtime” and excited about a new videogame.

I love that. It’s weird when you lose interest in things and don’t really know what you get excited about anymore, but it was super clear to me how nerdy and fascinated I was with waiting for info on this new videogame and how absolutely okay it is to be excited about stuff like that. Working where I work, I discovered that that excitement is one of the most valuable things that anybody could have.”

4. And according to Edgar; “The new weird AL album is awesome!” Questionable.