Kickin’ it with Crecest Moon Games – The Deer God

by Antonio Garcia

Kickin’ it with is back after a short break, and this week had the pleasure of talking with Josh Presseisen from Crescent Moon Games about The Deer God.

4cr: Welcome to Kickin’ It With! Care to fill us in with a bit of info about yourself?

I am an artist by trade, but I started Crescent Moon in 2007, when I started working on my first game, Ravensword.

After that I started helping other devs which eventually led to publishing. Now I’ve published about 60 games, but I still develop as well. The Deer God was an idea that I wanted to do personally.

I had really wanted to do something that mixed 3d and pixel art to good effect, as well as unique game mechanics.

4cr: Speaking of The Deer God. Can you explain more about the game?

The game is about a hunter who is transformed into a deer after a hunting accident. What happens after that, is that the player has to survive as a deer, and find hidden secrets to possibly return to becoming a human again.

4cr: So far the campaign is doing great, and reaching your stretch goals seems as a possibility. How did you arrive at the current amounts for each of the stretch goals?

I based it on how much work I thought it would take to complete each task. For instance, the PS Vita goal is at $95k. This gives us about $10k for to handle that version specifically (which is basically about breaking even).

The Deer God - 1

4cr: How many people are currently working on The Deer God?

Roughly 5 people, at the moment – some in their spare time.

4cr: It’s interesting to see how mating with females is used as a checkpoint system since you can reincarnate via your offspring. What other unique mechanics are you considering for the game?

The karma and reincarnation systems are pretty unique I think. For instance, if your karma is bad – you might get turned into a caterpillar, then eaten by a bird!

4cr: The game is in pre-alpha, but the release date for The Deer God is set for January 2015. How can you complete this project in 6 months?

We have a bunch of systems in place already, and we should be hitting Alpha around September, which should be plenty of time to finish by January.

The Deer God - 2

4cr: Are all rewards for the campaign digital-only or have you set some tiers with physical rewards?

We have some physical rewards yes – and we are planning on adding more. We have hats, shirts, mugs, and even trips out to visit me here in Upstate NY!

The Deer God - 3

4cr: Unfortunately, our time is up. Anything else you want to add before we wrap the interview?

Go to our Kickstarter or Greenlight page and vote and back us! We’d love to add more to this game and get it out on more platforms!

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