4cr Plays – Poker Dice Solitaire Future

by Antonio Garcia

RCMADIAX is back with a new Wii U release! After finishing the update for Blok Drop U, and while working on Super Robo Mouse (and new levels for Blok Drop U), this indie developer found the time to work on a set of casual and simple games for the Wii U. Poker Dice Solitaire Future is the first of the bunch with two more (Shut the Box and Toss N Go) to follow.

So, what is Poker Dice Solitaire Future? As the name implies, this is a game that takes the rules of poker, changes cards for dice, introduces Yahtzee game mechanics to a single player experience, and is futuristic because NEON COLORS. Oh, and it’s also a Wii U exclusive.

The basics are simple. You have a set of 5 dice in the middle of the screen and when you press the play button at the bottom of the screen, the dice will roll to display a single number. You can then touch each of the dice you want to keep, and touch the play button again to roll the others, hoping to end up with a match to collect points. Everything is explained in this handy How To Play image from the game.

Poker Dice Solitaire Future - How To Play

Now, for those of you who have never played poker, here are the combinations for the dice in the game:

* 2 Pair: Out of all five dice, there must be two pairs. A pair is when two dice have the same number.
* 3 of a kind: Three of the five dice feature the same number.
* Small straight: Four out of the five dice form a sequence (e.g. 2, 3, 4, 5)
* Flush: All dices have to be of the same color.
* Full House: From all five dice, you have a pair and a 3 of a kind.
* 4-of-a-kind: Out of all dice, four have the same number.
* Large straight: All five dice form a sequence (e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
* 5-of-a-kind: The hardest one to get! All dice have the same number.

Your goal for the game is to gather as many matches as possible, obtaining all 32 chips in the process. Oh, and if you get all 4 chips for one combination, you also get a score bonus. Since this is a single player game, and since there’s no online leaderboard per se, you can post a pic to Miiverse showing your final score after you complete a game, and this is where the game has potential to become addictive. Aiming for a high-score to share with the world at the press of a button, and trying to get all 32 chips could keep you busy for hours, which is great for a $2 game.

Poker Dice Solitaire Future - Bonus

The game’s presentation is basic and minimalistic, which was to be expected, but one thing I would have liked to have in the game is more than the one song as you play. Sure, the song is relaxing, but a couple extra songs to chose from or some randomization would be a nice touch.

Poker Dice Solitaire Future - No Match

Poker Dice Solitaire Future mixes and matches two different games of chance to give us a fun and addictive title that is now available as a Wii U exclusive. This release didn’t win me over at first, but a couple of games later I was set on beating my previous high-score over and over until a couple of hours had gone by. I look forward to seeing what RCMADIAX does for its next Wii U release.

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