4cr Plays- How To Train Your Dragon 2

by Antonio Garcia

As you can probably tell from the name, How To Train Your Dragon 2 is a tie-in with the Dreamworks film of the same name. It takes players to the Island of Berk where they can take part in a series of events that are now part of a new sport for dragon riders and their mounts.

Unlike most movie tie-ins that decide to take the platformer route, the developer for How to Train Your Dragon 2 went with a flight simulator, which makes sense considering the source material. The excuse for all the activities you partake in is that the Vikings have gotten so used to having dragons around that they’ve even created a whole sport around it called The Dragon Races.

Between races you’ll be able to explore the island to look for mini games, timed races. and collectibles to keep you busy. On top of this, the game features an achievement system for doing things such as breathing fire X number of times, flying close to the water, or going below the arched stones around the island.

How To Train Your Dragon - 1

The target demographic for the game is the fans of both movies, specifically those of a young age. Therefore, I decided to review this game along with my daughter since she’s young and loves the How To Train Your Dragon movies.

If I had reviewed the game by myself, I would have complained about how there really isn’t much of a story (probably because Dreamworks didn’t want to leak any of the details of the second movie in one of their biggest franchises), or about how there is some pop-in here and there, or about how the analog sticks are a bit too responsive and take a bit to get used to.

But since this is me reviewing How To Train Your Dragon 2 after watching my daughter play the game for several hours, I’ll say that it is a very entertaining game that will keep kids happy as they soar around the island taking part in minigames and searching for collectibles that are sometimes hidden inside a forest or floating high in the sky. Incidentally, it turns out that in-game achievements have the same effect on her as trophies do for me (“Wow, did you see that? I’m almost finished with that one and I’ll fill the whole image and win it!”).

How To Train Your Dragon - 2

One game in particular was very fun for her since it involves shooting fireballs at wooden Viking men figures while trying not to hit the women. It uses the Wii U GamePad’s touch screen to control the action (tap on a Viking to make it go bye-bye) and is a nice change of pace from all the flying.

She also loved hearing the voices from the movie as she played with each of the available dragon riders and their corresponding dragons. And she liked that the characters looked like themselves and not like a cheap knock-off (as sometimes happens for movie tie-ins with real people that don’t allow a studio to have the rights to their digital representation or are too expensive).

How to Train Your Dragon 2 is a fun ride that offers several hours of entertainment for the young ones. Parents will be happy to know that the game is a budget release, at $40 (and still cheaper than going to watch the movie a second time!). The voice acting is also a plus, and the musics fits perfectly with the Viking theme.

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