4cr Plays – Gravity Badgers

by Antonio Garcia

If you really thought about the title, you might expect that Gravity Badgers is about a group of badgers out on an adventure in space! If you did think that you’d be 100% correct. But this isn’t a platformer. Gravity Badgers is actually a physics-based puzzle game where your main goal is to make it to the exit wormhole while avoiding all the obstacles, enemies and hazards in your way.

Things start with a tutorial that shows the basics of the game. You control your badger by tapping it and moving an arrow in the direction you want it to be sent flying. The longer the arrow you draw, the faster it flies and the further it travels. Any hit you take will instantly kill you and you only have 3 lives to complete each level before you have to start over. Luckily, the game does let you know where and how far you aimed with your last flight so you can correct your trajectory and speed so that you don’t die again.

Gravity Badgers 1

Going in a straight line is all fine and well, but this won’t complete most of the levels after the tutorial. You also need to take into consideration the gravitational pull and push of red and blue planetoids to bend your trajectory and speed up/slow down your flight after launch. This also makes it harder to move close enough to obstacles to grab the 3 collectibles in each level in one go. You can play each level over and over until you find the perfect launch and getting all 3 collectibles requires a lot of trial and error.

Every episode in the game concludes with one boss battle that requires that you move around the screen while dodging incoming enemy fire while you shoot at the boss itself after every successful launch. These fights are a nice change of pace for the game, and they introduce some extra diversity into the mix as well since after defeating each one you rescuing a new badger for the group. The new badgers don’t add any new skills or tricks, but it does change the appearance of the main character.

Gravity Badgers Boss

Gravity Badgers is a fun puzzle game with over 140 levels that is easy to control. If you dig the mechanic, it provides hours of entertainment at a low cost. There’s plenty of content here, but I would have definitely liked to see some extra environments for each of the episodes. I did appreciate that the bosses are unique and bring a great change of pace to the game. I’m definitely looking forward to what they can do with a sequel.

Gravity Badgers Boss 2

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