4CR Live!

by Dave Beaudoin

E3 is upon us and after the flurry of announcements and presentations yesterday we were all left pretty underwhelmed with what Sony, Microsoft, and the big publishers are bringing to the table this year. Sure there were some standout announcements like Uncharted 4 and a new Rainbow Six game, but overall nothing changed any of our minds about this generation of consoles. We were glad that E3 this year seems to be actually focusing on games and not “converged living room entertainment devices” but it’s up to Nintendo to turn this conference on it’s head with some amazing announcements.

We’ll be watching the presentation here and reacting in real time. Join us in the comments to discuss what the Big N has in store!

Gregory Gay Jun 10, 201414:14

Site got taken down by database errors. Sorry about the interruption, folks. Hope you enjoyed the show!

Gregory Gay Jun 10, 201412:29

Not convinced by Hyrule Warriors yet, but it does look better than normal Musou games.

Antonio Garcia Jun 10, 201412:28

Bayonetta 1 and 2 included on the same disc. Kudos, Nintendo.

Gregory Gay Jun 10, 201412:27

Bayonetta 2 will be awesome. You fools better buy it this time around.

Dave Beaudoin Jun 10, 201412:27

“Flock Off”

Bayonetta is brought to you by the swearing in Battlestar Galactica.

Gregory Gay Jun 10, 201412:27

Definitely excited for Pokemon. I loved the shift to 3D in X/Y, and the original Ruby/Sapphire had a good world.

Nick Luckett Jun 10, 201412:27

Wooooaaaaa…. Bayo 1 as well. Sick.

Antonio Garcia Jun 10, 201412:26

Definitely. It looked amazing.

Gregory Gay Jun 10, 201412:25

Oh, man. That art direction. Zelda looks better than almost everything in the Sony/MS pressers, even on a weaker system.

Antonio Garcia Jun 10, 201412:24

Zelda for holiday 2015… counting down the days.

Nick Luckett Jun 10, 201412:24

That’s all the Zelda we gettttT???????

Dave Beaudoin Jun 10, 201412:24

Seriously, I think that’s the cell shaded Zelda everyone wanted when they announced Wind Waker!

Gregory Gay Jun 10, 201412:22

Holy crap, Zelda is beautiful.

Antonio Garcia Jun 10, 201412:22

Zelda… daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn.

Gregory Gay Jun 10, 201412:21

I really liked those Captain Toad levels. I’ll play an entire game of those.

Antonio Garcia Jun 10, 201412:21

Zelda in 5, 4, 3, 2…

Gregory Gay Jun 10, 201412:17

People will complain about Yoshi being too easy, but I actually kind of liked that about Kirby. It was a great game to play a little before bed. I imagine Yoshi will be the same.

Gregory Gay Jun 10, 201412:16

People will complain about Yoshi being too easy, but I actually kind of liked that about Kirby. It was a great game to play a little before bed. I imagine Yoshi will be the same.

Nick Luckett Jun 10, 201412:16

Little fuzzy yarn is wrapping around my heart right now.

Nick Luckett Jun 10, 201412:16

Woa… this looks like the Yoshi’s Island sequel we should have gotten. It looks great!

Dave Beaudoin Jun 10, 201412:15

My dog has eaten yarn before. It wasn’t at all like Yoshi coming out the other end… :-(

Gregory Gay Jun 10, 201412:15

Ooh, Yoshi looks purty and soft.

Yeah, I’m sleepy.

Antonio Garcia Jun 10, 201412:14

Hell yeah, Yoshi! Hopefully for this year.

Gregory Gay Jun 10, 201412:13

I may just be super jet-lagged still, but I’m finding Reggie’s voice really relaxing.

Nick Luckett Jun 10, 201412:13


Gregory Gay Jun 10, 201412:12

Eden – they were “working” on supporting two. You can’t actually pair two of them yet.

Gregory Gay Jun 10, 201412:11

Interesting. Patched-in toy support for Mario Kart.

Antonio Garcia Jun 10, 201412:11

Mario Kart 8 amiibo patch coming.

@Greg: It actually supports two GamePads, but no game has used said feature.

Dave Beaudoin Jun 10, 201412:11

I like how NFC enabled toys are basically the Star Wars Force F/X toys (Without Jar-Jar Binks movie quotes).

Gregory Gay Jun 10, 201412:10

Since Wii U only supports one gamepad, I assume you can’t use the toys in local Smash multiplayer.

Antonio Garcia Jun 10, 201412:10

I love to collect figurines, so having them unlock extra things is a nice bonus.

Nick Luckett Jun 10, 201412:10

Amiibo…. hmm. A toy memory card basically.

Gregory Gay Jun 10, 201412:09

Man, I just don’t care about NFC toys.

Antonio Garcia Jun 10, 201412:09

amiibo… interesting choice.

Gregory Gay Jun 10, 201412:09

Ugh, 3DS Smash not until October. That isn’t summer.

Nick Luckett Jun 10, 201412:08

What’s next?

Gregory Gay Jun 10, 201412:08

3DS version of Smash will probably be my main one. Looks like great fun.

Gregory Gay Jun 10, 201412:07

Nice – the “add coins for more difficulty” feature from Kid Icarus.

Antonio Garcia Jun 10, 201412:07

I like how the outline can be removed on 3DS.

Gregory Gay Jun 10, 201412:06

Dave- the Wii U pro controller is wireless. That’s why they made the GameCube add-on. There is no wired Wii U controller.

Dave Beaudoin Jun 10, 201412:05

@Greg, I didn’t see a cable on the controller he was holding.

I like the way they’re implementing Miis into Smash. this is super well thought out!

Gregory Gay Jun 10, 201412:05

Like the ability to use Miis in Smash.

Gregory Gay Jun 10, 201412:04

Like the ability to use Miis in Smash.

Nick Luckett Jun 10, 201412:04

Do you get to pick your Mii weapon load-out?

Antonio Garcia Jun 10, 201412:04

Let’s see what else they plan to do with the figures.

Gregory Gay Jun 10, 201412:03

Dave – nah, that was a pro controller

Nick Luckett Jun 10, 201412:03

OMG. Already the best press conference of all time.

Gregory Gay Jun 10, 201412:03

Toy-based powerups?

Dave Beaudoin Jun 10, 201412:03

I believe that was a Wavebird in Reggie’s hands gentlemen.

Gregory Gay Jun 10, 201412:03

Ah, there’s that NFC confirmation.

Dave Beaudoin Jun 10, 201412:01

Robot Chicken! Maybe they hired Robot Chicken to resurrect Clay Fighters!

Gregory Gay Jun 10, 201412:01

Haha.. Mother 3 call-out. Nintendo has gone full asshole.

Antonio Garcia Jun 10, 201412:00

Well, that’s an interesting way to start things.

Gregory Gay Jun 10, 201412:00

I.. I kind of love this already.

Gregory Gay Jun 10, 201411:59

Test.. Test

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