4cr Plays – Turtle Tale

by Antonio Garcia

Turtle Tale is a new release from indie studio Saturnine Games, and it tells the story of Shelldon, a turtle who is sent on an adventure after Captain O’Haire and his gang of Monkey Pirates invade Turtle Island. With a loaded water gun by his side, Shelldon will do all he can to reclaim his home.

Turtle Tale is an indie platformer that is available in the 3DS eshop and has something to offer both newcomers and expert of the genre. The game mechanics are simple, since you only have to worry about jumping and shooting at anything that moves, while trying to collect all the fruit pieces available in each level. But as with any platformer the difficulty is in the execution.

The game is very colorful and features several enemies that are out to get Shelldon. This being a 3DS release, it is nice to see that some nice parallax scrolling has been used to make good use of the 3D effect, and everything pops because of it. The enemies are plentiful, but their animations could be a bit more elaborate here and there.

Turtle Tale 1

Shelldon’s water gun is the only weapon you’ll use during the whole game, which is too bad because I would have liked to see what other ideas the developer could have included in the game for power-ups after seeing how the water that exits the gun does so with a realistic trajectory, traveling at an angle and breaking into smaller pockets of water just a few feet away.

The enemies change when you move to a new area, and at first you might think that even though they look different they will have the same attack patterns as the enemies from previous levels, but that’s not true. This is particularly easy to spot in the flying enemies since one type does follow a set pattern while another one starts to follow you as soon as you get close to it, and another comes flying in from the bottom of the screen.

Turtle Tale 2

One problem I ran into was during the Cave levels, where I didn’t manage to grab all 100 fruit pieces in a couple of levels. Turns out that one of the trolls will actually throw you up in the air where the extra fruit is located, but I wasn’t seeing that because I was killing all the trolls as soon as they entered the screen so that they wouldn’t get a chance to damage me. The other thing I didn’t like was that after going back to the two Cave levels where I didn’t collect all the fruit, I realized I had to collect all fruit again instead of just having to collect the fruit I was missing.

Why did I go back to collect all fruit pieces in all levels? Because once you’ve accomplished this a second quest is unlocked with all-new levels, lower health, higher difficulty and no checkpoints. This effectively doubles the amount of content the game has to offer, and it does so by presenting a great mix of levels with fast-paced action, small and dangerous platforms, and an army of enemies out to get you. I definitely loved the second quest since it allowed me to test my skills, and it features levels that don’t hold your hand.

Turtle Tale 3

Turtle Tale is a fun platformer that was obviously developed on a budget, but let’s not hold that against it. With around 3-4 hours of content, tight controls, a challenging second quest, and a low price, Turtle Tale is a game you should definitely add to your collection if you’re a fan of platforming.

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