Kickin’ it with Onagro Studio – Möira

by Antonio Garcia

Do you have a craving for playing an old-school platforming game that looks like it was released on the GameBoy back in the day? Then Möira might just be the game you’re looking for!

4cr: Hi! Can you please tell us about Onagro Studios?

Onagro Studios was founded in January 2013. Initially, our team was composed of five people: Gabriel Amoedo, as the lead game designer, Gabriel Brasil, as the lead artist, Luiz Roveran and Thommaz Kauffman as the musicians and Matthew Hampton, as a programmer. Many things changed since then. For instance, Matthew has left, and Mario Nosoline entered the team as another musician. Mother 4′s lead artist, Pik, is also helping us out, he’s currently our lead spriter. From the very beginning we sought to make retro games, and now that we have an opportunity to make it happen, we’re definitely going to do it.

4cr: We found Möira over on Kickstarter when looking for new 2D games, and our readers want to know more about it. What can you tell us about the game?

When Möira was still a concept, we thought: “How can we make this game look appealing while still preserving the Game Boy vibe?”. So we worked very hard to get the feeling right while still preserving core modern gameplay mechanics. For instance, we’ve ruled out the three buttons limit and also added an option for widescreen in the menus. Möira will also include modern platformer mechanics, like power ups and collectibles. Everything that we couldn’t fit in the cartridge back then will be included in our game, we won’t hold features back!

Moira 1

4cr: What engine is being used to develop Möira?

Möira is currently being developed in Construct 2, a very simple engine that fits our needs pretty well. It also has a native WiiU export option, this feature will surely help us out later on.

4cr: How big is the team that is currently working on this game?

Onagro Studios is composed of seven people right now. One programmer/game designer, three musicians, one sound designer and two artists.

Moira Strip

4cr: The main goal for this Kickstarter campaign is set at $8,000 CAD, and things are moving along at a slow-but-steady pace. What will happen if you manage to go over your goal? Have you considered some potential stretch goals?

If we do manage to reach our goal, we’ll have plenty of time to pay our expenses and finish the game by February 2015 or even sooner. As for stretch goals, we’re aiming for a 3ds/wiiu release. We don’t know how much money we’ll need for this yet, but we’ll surely make it happen!

4cr: The game is still early into its development cycle, but do you have a rough idea of how big of a game we’re talking about? Do you have an estimate on how long someone will be playing to complete the story?

The game, being a retro platformer and all, won’t be very big. The main story will have eight worlds to explore, and every world will have around ten levels. However, there are still bonuses scattered around the story. We assume it might take four to five hours for a skilled player to complete the story.

Moira 2

4cr: You mentioned Nintendo’s consoles, can you talk a bit more about your plans to bring the game to consoles or portables?

Console releases are very important, and we’re currently studying the possibility to port our game to the 3DS and Wii U. Our priorities are the handhelds for now. We’ve already made contact with Nintendo and we might get the approval of our license next month.

Moira Transform

4cr: Once again, thank you for joining us. Would you like to add anything else before we’re done?

We’d like to add that if our Kickstarter campaign fails, we’ll continue to develop the game, but that would take a lot longer. We need the money to pay our expenses. If we fail, we’ll setup another campaign once the cooldown on Kickstarter resets. We hope we can achieve not only our funding goal, but much more!

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