Kickin’ it With Tic Toc Games – Adventures of Pip

by Antonio Garcia

4cr: Welcome to Kickin’ it With. Can you both please give us an intro for our readers?

Shereef: Sure! I’m I’m Shereef Morse, Antonio’s biggest fan and CEO of Tic Toc Games, and this is the creative director of the studio Marc Gomez
Marc Gomez: Sup!

4cr: You’ve launched Adventures of Pip on Kickstarter. It looks to be a pixeltastic adventure where you go from square to hero as you defeat more enemies. How would you describe the game to our audience?

Shereef: I love this game. Marc came to me with the pitch and I instantly fell in love with it. I love the link between visual evolution and new skill that will create a locking and unlocking mechanism in the world.

Marc: I would describe the game as similar to Metroidvania titles, except that the gating of new areas with new abilities won’t be completely restrictive. Your evolution state, and the abilities that come with it will give you options on how to navigate through a level, so it becomes a game of strategy and choice.

Pip 2

4cr: What games inspired you to create Adventures of Pip?

Marc: Having worked on Pixel games for most of my career, I have a great love for the art form. As far as games that inspire me from their pixel art, I would say Metal Slug and any game worked on by Henk Nieborg. My major inspiration for Metroidvania style games comes from Symphony of the Night. You’re the first one I’m telling this to, but…I only started playing Super Metroid last year. -_- Yeah, I’m late to the game. Literally.

Pip 1

4cr: Have you considered any crossovers with other indie projects funded on Kickstarter?

Shereef: We are talking with a few teams about doing it. You will be the first to know when we lock it down.

Adventures of Pip Release Platforms

4cr: If funded, the game will be made available on Wii U, XBOX, PC and Mac as part of the main goal. Are you also considering releasing it for Sony’s PS4 or Vita?

Shereef: We are, but its most important for us to make the best game on the platforms we know we can support today with the money we raise. If we hit our stretch goals then we can make sure we give PS4 and Vita the dev time they deserve but its a lot to commit to on the budget we are trying to raise

4cr: How do you plan to have this finished by November 2014?

Shereef: We have a great team with a lot of experience and a great process for making games. If that fails we will fall back on Red Bull, working around the clock and hoping our families remember our names when we are done. I’m hoping the process and experience are enough.

Pip Stretch Goals

4cr: How many people will be working on Adventures of Pip once the game is funded?

Shereef: We’re going have about 8 people working on the title at any given time but the overall team size will be about 18.

4cr: We read that the physical soundtrack for the game will be signed by Jake “Virt” Kaufman. How did you make this happen?

Shereef: I worked with Jake on Shantae for the Color Game Boy 100 years ago. He was amazing. I met him again with the Yacht club Team at E3 a last year and was hoping to find a way to work with him again. When he agreed to do music we asked him if he would sign the disk. He’s really funny I think he said something along the lines of “if it would help I’d offer up butt massages to the people who pledge” Or something like that.

Pip 3

4cr: And we’re just about out of time. Do either one of you want to add something else before we go?

Shereef: Thank you everyone for your help getting Pip to life. Please help us by spreading the word.

Marc: Definitely! All the support has been great! Keep blowing up your social media of choice!

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