Join Us!

by Dave Beaudoin

The other day we were looking around the 4cr offices and realized that we’re not super diverse right now. We’ve always tried to have a wide range of voices on the site and as our team has grown and shrunk over time our core group of contributors has become a bit too homogenous for our liking. While we do have plenty of liberal and conservative French Canadian voices on the site, we’re still lacking diversity in many other, just as important areas. We are all in this for the fun of writing and playing games, so we don’t pay (we also have a no-advertising policy on the site, so we’re not making any money off this endeavor either). What do you do get out of it is the opportunity to play a wide variety of games for free and give your impressions of those games to one of the most dedicated and cool gaming communities in the world.

So we’re opening up a call for new participants. We’re looking for people with unique perspectives who can write compelling content that is infused with their own personal culture and views. We also have some room on the staff for artists who want to do ad hoc illustrations for header images and character portraits. Kyatt from Beeserker is our in-house artist, but he’s willing to share those duties.

Basically we want to destroy the regular old gaming media press release regurgitation machine. Are you interested in helping us?

If so, fill out this form and keep an eye on your email for a follow up if we think you’ve got what it takes to be a Rebellionaire:

Note: We promise not to use any material you submit without actually asking you to write/draw/whatever the idea for publication on the site. We’re pretty laid back, but we take plagiarism and intellectual property rights pretty seriously

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