4cr Plays Flowerworks HD

by Antonio Garcia

Flowerworks HD is a reworked port of the original Flowerworks released digitally for the Nintendo Wii’s Wiiware service, which brings the original game to 1080p at 60 frames per second, adding Off-TV play and a new two player co-op mode.

In Flowerworks HD, Follie finds herself stranded in a foreign planet after her ship comes crashing down from space. The crash also spread the seeds she was carrying in her ship, and she must explore the planet to recover them and find a way back home.

The game is divided into two modes, Exploration and Puzzle. During the exploration portions of your adventure you will be moving around the overworld in your search for the seeds that Follie lost during her crash. As you explore, you will also run into coins you should collect since they’re used for purchasing extra abilities for Follie, such as having pollen follow Follie, which can help you to increase your score during the second mode in the game.

Flowerworks HD Overworld

In Puzzle mode Follie must use the seeds she recovers to plant flowers and help them grow by grabbing floating pollen and shooting it at the seed until it blooms. As you continue through the game, you will find blue, red, yellow, purple, and white flowers. With the exception of the white ones, each must be nurtured with pollen of the same color. Since there is only red and blue pollen, to help the purple flowers, you must shoot a red/blue piece of pollen and have it hit a blue/red piece of pollen so that the final color is purple, or else the flower won’t grow at all.

Things start easily enough with just one or two flowers to nurture, which is why the game feels very slow and a bit tedious during the first set of puzzle levels. But once you’re trying to take care of 3+ flowers, things start to get good. Juggling 3 different colors of flowers while trying to increase your score with combos requires you to be completely focused on the action in the screen. A couple of mistakes might not end the level, but they will keep you from obtaining an extra star as a reward for your performance.

Speaking of stars, each level in the game will reward you with 1 to 5 stars depending on your score. Stars are used to pacify the unruly Garden Gnomes that block Follie’s path. Yes, you read that right. Garden Gnomes are mad and won’t move an inch unless you can pacify them with them with the power of the stars.

Flowerworks HD Stars

Another thing to consider is that once the flowers have bloomed, each one features a counter at its center. Once the number on any of the flowers reaches zero, the level will be over. You increase the time left on each flower by creating large combos when the pollen you shoot hits several of the floating pollen as well as the floating bubbles, unleashing a colorful display of fireworks (hence the name of the game) that reward you with a big boost to your score and extend the time limit.

Flowerworks HD Combo

In the end, Flowerworks HD is a fun game. The fact that the difficulty setting can be changed at any time means that both novices and experts will be able to enjoy their time with the game, and considering that the game is around 10-15 hours long, there is plenty to play. Don’t let the slow start in the first couple of levels keep you from experiencing this quirky game.

The game’s regular price is $6, but for a limited time you can get it for only $3.50!


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