Kickin’ it with Jim Mahfood – 21st Century Tank Girl

by Antonio Garcia

For today’s post, I talked with Jim Mahfood about his current projects which include having another go at a Tank Girl story.

Jim Mahfood Art

4cr: Welcome! As always, lets start things with the proper introductions. Care to let our readers know a bit more about who you are and what you do? And don’t be shy. The longer the list, the better!

I work in basically all fields of visual art. People can check out my stuff and my portfolio at and on Instagram at @jimmahfood. Newest projects include rockin’ a bunch of new t-shirt designs for Nike for their new B-Ball streetwear line, doing all the art on the new Miami Vice comic book (written by Joe Casey), contributing art to the new 21st Century Tank Girl project, hustlin’ the hand-made Pop-Up Funk pop-up Book, and shopping around the animated show that I did for MTV with my pals Scott Mosier & Joe Casey. It’s called D.I.S.C.O. Destroyer.

4cr: The current Kickstarter campaign for an all new Tank Girl mentions that you’ll be back to take another stab at crushing the old girl. As you’ve said, Everybody Loves Tank Girl was your first chance to work on a mini-series with this character. What can we expect from you on 21st Century Tank Girl?

I really don’t know yet. I haven’t received any of the scripts from Alan Martin yet. But this is a no-brainer. It’s Tank Girl. And Jamie Hewlett (who is in my Top 5 favorite artist of all-time) is returning to the character!! Of course I was going to say ‘yes’ to this project no matter what.

Tank Girl 2

4cr: You’ve recently been working on some crazy cool art books that don’t bullshit around with using the word “Deluxe” (even going as far as including original art and sketches with some versions) – when can we expect a new art book?

Well, Visual Funk is sort of the end-all-be-all Art Book for me for right now. It’s been out for less then a year and we put a ridiculous amount of work into putting it all together. There’s over 700 images in the book. People can still score a copy over here.

The next Art Book I have planned is of all the painting on hot girls photoshoots we have done over the last 5 yrs. With new art by me thrown in there, or course. The Pervert Train, that’s the name of the crew. Follow on IG at @perverttrain.

Visual Funk

4cr: Will you be signing the book for 21st Century Tank Girl as a reward for the Kickstarter campaign?

Hell yes!

4cr: Speaking of hell, how did you end up working on the Jeniffer’s Body Graphic Novel?

I know a bunch of the editors over at Boom and they just hit me up and asked me to do it. Seemed like an interesting gig.

Tank Girl 3

4cr: Thanks for your time. Before you go back to being crazy-busy as you plan for working on Tank Girl, is there something else you might want to add?

Nope. All good. Thanks for letting me hype my stuff!

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