Kickin’ it with David Mack – MUSE

by Antonio Garcia

I was lucky enough to get a chance to interview David Mack this week. I say lucky because with his packed schedule, it took a bit of time to coordinate this in order to finally get everything in place. But all that extra legwork really paid off and I’ve got a great interview for you.

4cr: Welcome to Kickin’ it with! Thank you for taking the time to do this interview. Could you please give our readers an introduction to yourself and your work? The longer the answer, the better!

Most readers know me as the creator and writer of KABUKI which I began work on 20 yrs ago, and as writer of Daredevil, which I’ve sometimes done art on as well. Most recently last year’s Daredevil: End of Days, which just came out in paperback with extra material. I wrote it with Brian Michael Bendis and did cover art and some interior art on it.

And most film goers may have most recently seen my work in the new Captain America The Winter Soldier film, in which I did the art and concept and design for the end credit sequence in collaboration with Sarofsky. You may have also seen my work on the Dexter TV series on Showtime, and my work on Showtime’s last two seasons of Dexter: Early Cuts.

You can find more art and info on my work on my main page here as well as a more detailed bio.

4cr: There is Kickstarter campaign for developing a book called MUSE: Life Drawings 2012-2014, which you’re currently working on. What can we expect to find in Muse?

You may have heard that I had gallery exhibits last year of my work shown with Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt both in Chicago and Los Angeles. Two different exhibits both with different works of mine and Klimt & Schiele from Century Guild Gallery. Then Century Guild also had a showing of my work later last year with Clive Barker and Dave McKean.

The gallery wanted to create a book of my art work that they are exhibiting and selling through their galleries. These are primarily figure drawings in brush and ink of humans and cats. Century Guild created a very popular book of their art works of Clive Barker and backed it through a Kickstarter that was very successful for them. So the gallery chose to offer my new art book on their kickstarter as well. The book is called MUSE (verb/noun).

You can see examples of my figure drawings in albums on my main page here, as well as albums of each of the recent exhibits last year. Both with Gustav Klimt & Egon Scheile and with Clive Barker and Dave McKean. As well as a gallery exhibit I contributed for The Sandman and my paintings of Bowie and Hendrix that I did for the gallery exhibit of the History of Rock and Roll.


4cr: The book is being touted as a Limited Edition of only 1,000 books, making it a very rare release. Why did you decide to go with a strictly limited print run for the project?

Those decisions were all made by Century Guild Gallery who created the kickstarter. I imagine they think of the book as an art object, as well as a book that shows the work of mine that they exhibit and sell.

MUSE Stretch Goal

4cr: Since the campaign has already reached its main goal, and the stretch goal at $45,000 for making the book grow from 8.5” x 11” to 11” x 14” has been reached, are there going to be more extras for the book’s content if the campaign goes over $45,000?

I imagine we will fit as many drawings into it, while not making it overwhelming, and keeping the focus on aesthetic and the finest production value.

4cr: Will the copies of MUSE: Life Drawings 2012-2014 be signed?

Yes. There are some options of the book where you can pledge to get a signed copy, as well as options to get one with drawings in them, and you can even select some of the actual original art that will be in the book.

4cr: Can fans secure an original piece of art created by you as part of any of the available rewards?

Yes, if you act now (at the time of me typing this), you can still get some of the originals that are offered.

MUSE Original Art

4cr: I love physical art books, but I also like to have them available digitally for my tablet/smartphone/PC. Why isn’t there a Hi-rez copy of the book available as a digital reward along with physical copies?

I don’t know the details about how that works, or would be delivered, but it sounds reasonable to me. I’ll be happy to mention it to the gallery for them to offer it as one of the rewards.

MUSE T-Shirt

4cr: Once again, thank you for doing this interview. Do you want to say anything else before we go?

Thank you for your kind support of this book and my work. I’m very grateful for your interest and sharing my work.
I post some art from the book on my tumblr, Facebook and Twitter. People are welcome to find me there, as well as the archive of art in the albums there.

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