Kickin’ It With Renegade Kid – Cult County

by Antonio Garcia

4cr: Welcome to Kickin’ It With – Could you please give our readers the scoop on who you are and what do over a Renegade Kid?

Thanks! It’s great to be here. I’m Jools Watsham, and my title at Renegade Kid is co-founder and director, but what that really means is that I wear many, many hats. My main focus is game design for all of our games, as well as producer, PR, and business development.

4cr: Renegade Kid has been hard at work on Cult County, which was first revealed as a 3DS horror FPS release, in the same vein as Dementium. Now the game’s scope has grown, and a 3DS version is out of the picture. What IS Cult County, and on which platforms are you aiming to release the game?h

Well, Cult County is an all-new first-person survival horror game that we’ll deliver in episodes, taking inspiration form the story-telling of The Walking Dead and mixing that with the tension-filled exploration and action of classics series such as Silent Hill and Resident Evil. We’re also allowing fans to help a veteran team to produce what will be a new experience that is fresh, exciting, and scary at the same time.

Cult County Concept

4cr: How big is the team currently working on Cult County?

We have a core team of just four right now, with plans to bring on 6 or so more folks if our Kickstarter campaign reaches the minimum goal of $580,000.

4cr How did you arrive at that $580,000 amount as the minimum for the campaign?

It took a lot of work. We projected out how much time we needed to complete the game, with the team planned for the project, and then determined how much more of our own money we would be able to invest into the development of Cult County. We also needed to cater for 10% fees for Kickstarter and Amazon for hosting the campaign and processing backer’s payments. We factored in the delicious rewards offered for each pledge tier. And, finally we had to account for the fees that have to be paid to the console manufacturers to obtain download codes for the backers, which can range from 30% – 10% of the retail price of the game.

4cr: Cult County is going to be offered under an episodic model, similar to how you plan to release Moon Chronicles on 3DS. How many episodes have you planned for Cult County? How long will each one be?

We have detailed out the five episodes that make up season one, and also have key story elements that go way beyond season one. Each episode will last approximately two hours.

Cult County 1

4cr: There’s a hardcover art book available at the $500 and higher tiers. What features will make this book extra special?

I think what makes it special is the fact that it is a lot more than just an art book, which would be pretty snazzy in its own right. The hardcover book will contain sketches and concept images from the game, as well as design notes and plans, and even behind-the-scenes photos of the team at work. It is really a journal of Cult County’s development from start to finish. Plus, it will be signed!

4cr: How much money needs to be raised for the documentary stretch goal to become a reality?

The documentary stretch goal is $20,000 above the minimum goal, bringing it to $600,000. This covers the cost of the crew’s equipment wear and tear, travel expenses, and the massive undertaking of processing the countless hours, days, weeks, and months of footage captured over the 12-ish months of development.

Cult County Documentary

4cr: Thank you for doing this interview. Do you want to add anything else?

Thank you for the opportunity to chat about our project. We have brought Cult County to Kickstarter so it can involve the fans.

Not only does Kickstarter make it possible, through crowdfunding, for us to develop the game with creative freedom away from publishers, but it also allows us to bring our dedicated fans into the team to help us craft how the game plays and how the game looks!

We need their help! Together we can make Cult County an amazing survival horror experience!!

We have wanted to return to the survival horror genre for many years. And, our fans have told us the same thing! Many players have contacted us asking for Dementium III. Without going into any icky details, certain contractual ties from the past make that impossible, unfortunately. So, instead of letting that hold us back, we decided to take matters into our own hands and develop a new survival horror experience with the same spirit.

Having the freedom and independence that a funded Kickstarter campaign provides means that creative freedom during development is maintained, presentation of the game via trailers, and screenshots is controlled directly by the team, and finally – perhaps most importantly – the team retains its rights to the game… and any future sequels and ports!

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