Kickin’ It With Lewis Pugh – Twisted Fusion

by Antonio Garcia

The indie wave keeps on going strong! This time, we talk with Lewis Pugh who is trying to release Twisted Fusion, a Wii U exclusive.

4cr: Hi! Thanks for taking part in this episode of Kickin’ It With. What can you tell us about yourself and the projects you’ve worked on?

My name is Lewis Pugh and I’ve been developing games for smart phones ever since Apple announced the App Store, and even before just for fun on PC. So I’ve been creating games from a very young ago and like allot of Indie developers I have always been self-taught, which can be half the fun. Smart Phone App Stores are great to get your game out to many people, even if the ridiculous amount of competition from other indies to giant game studios can be frustrating. I started out trying my best to translate traditional ‘Gamer games’ onto the iPhone using a simple GameBoy classic like virtual d-pad, A and B buttons in portrait mode. This is what I did with Twisted Fates, a ambitious 2D platformer with multiple playable stories, plot twists and a good variety of gameplay. Twisted Fates was also Cora’s big appearance. She has since been my mascot character featuring in the Super-Cora Bolt series, Project RUN and even making a cameo in my series Super Smoothie.

4cr: Twisted Fusion is now on Kickstarter, seeking £3,000 to bring the game to the Wii U. What is Twisted Fusion all about?

Twisted Fusion is a open-world 2D platformer starring Cora. So this will be Cora’s big jump from mobile to home console! I’ve always loved platformers so the recent upsurge by Nintendo and Indies is great for me. Where Twisted Fusion stands out though is the giant connected world. Water also plays a big focus in Twisted Fusion. Cora’s main attack is duel water pistols. You will also get water bombs, garden sprinkler and even a giant water cannon. There’s a lot of different ways you can tackle the game and you earn lots of cool power-up throughout which will not just help in combat but also discover secrets in previously explored areas.

4cr: Why focus on a Wii U exclusive release?

If I’m being completely honest the decision to go Wii U exclusive was less strategic, business move and more inner fan-boy dream. Like many gamers I grew up on the Nintendo classics, Nintendo was what got me into Video Games and I had my first developer thoughts and ideas during old Nintendo gaming sessions. So when I was console ready there was always only one place I was going to go. During GDC 2013 Nintendo talked about their Nintendo Web Framework, a new developer platform utilizing web standards. Perfect for Indie developers. It was at that time I submitted to be a Wii U developer and as they say the rest is history.

Twisted Fusion New 1

4cr: Are there any stretch goals in place for the project if you go over the main goal?

There’s five stretch goals in place in case the main goal is reached. They were all really fun to design and put together. The first is for a new 100 stage auto-runner game in the Cora-Bolt series to be included with Twisted Fusion. We also have a Super Smash Bros inspirited multiplater arena game with 8 playable characters. Professional voice acting for all characters in English and Japanese. Next we have 4-player co-op for all modes in the game and finally another game in itself called “21 Days” its runs on the same open-word engine but takes place in a realistic world with a 3 week doomsday clock, inspirited by Majora’s Mask.

4cr: How much time will it take someone to play Twisted Fusion from start to finish?

It really depends on the style of the player because of the open-world nature. There’s allot of content in the game that isn’t needed to see the credits but make for a much more complete experience and should be great for replay value. In terms of actual time I think the average player will take about 8 hours to complete the story. However even after the story has ended there will still be stuff to do.

4cr: You already have a video showing some of the potential gameplay mechanics and the locations for Twisted Fusion. How much will the game change from this once it is funded?

When making the video I realized it was pretty hard to capture what makes the game special in a short video. How would you cut a interesting Super Metroid video without spoiling to cool power-ups? That’s why it focused on action and allot of run and gunning. That’s allot more exciting than exploration. More video’s are planned during the Kickstarter and they will focus on different elements of the game. During development the game will earn allot more special effects and little touches to help the visuals. Cora’s main sprite is also going to go through some tweaking thanks to viewer feedback.

Twisted Fusion New 2

4cr: Thanks once again for joining us. Do you want to share anything else?

Thanks for having me! I would like to take the time to speak to the Nintendo fans as the game is Wii U only. I’m hoping Twisted Fusion and Cora’s future adventures will always have a home on Nintendo’s consoles. We are off to a great start but we need all the help we can get to fund the game and maybe even smash through some of the stretch goals. We have some very cool rewards were you can become a NPC, design a monster or even your own playable character! Please help us fund this unique open-world game and support the Wii U!

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