Things X 5 – April 14, 2014

by Francois Joron


Celebration time!

Early last week, Nintendo announced they will be releasing Tomodachi Life in both North American and Europe on June 6. I have been hinting at the game quite often in my x5 posts and even dedicated a whole feature to it when some solid rumors about its localization began to spread. But, even better than the announcement itself was the insane 10 minute Nintendo Direct they did that was just plain weird. Late night Adult Swim weird (well, almost). Anyway, you’ll hear A LOT from me about Tomodachi Life after June 6, mark my words.

01_TomodachiND-1 01_TomodachiND-2


Chubby Link

S’cute! I’ve come across this rather neat chubby interpretation of Link and I wouldn’t mind if Nintendo take this approach in one of the future titles in the series. Anyway, in A Link to the Past or even Between Two Worlds, isn’t he a bit… chunky? This art is by Capital G.


While we’re on the Link subject, there is a Nendoroid figure for The Wind Waker coming up and it is adorable. It features several facial expressions along a bunch of accessories like a heart container and the mandatory sword and shield. Needless to say, I already have mine pre-ordered!


Bit.Trip maquette

Speaking of plastic toys, Gaijin Games are discounting two Commander Video statuettes on the cheap for only $5.99 and they’re awesome, even though some of them are apparently weak in the ankles so it is recommended to keep them in the box. But, who cares, it’s Commander Video… as a toy!!!



Another game by Gaijin Games

Two weeks ago, I’ve shared with you Gaijin’s new game Whoah Dave! but I totally forgot to mention another game by Gaijin’s one-man wonder RobotubeDestructamundo is an action game based around cause and effect that is all about detonating nukes on an iPad. Sounds like the very definition of fun, doesn’t it? The title will be released for the iPad and Ouya. Check out the trailer below.


Now playing: Hide & Seek & Kill


So, I’ve finally been returning to my Wii U the last few days thanks to Splinter Cell: Blacklist. I immensely enjoyed the first entry in the series but, for the little I’ve played, I couldn’t get to the 3 or 4 subsequent sequels they’ve released. Blacklist does a great job of reinventing the core game with a few clever tricks but, more importantly, it features a very organic design that lets you change you’re play style, from being stealthy to a one-man army, on the fly. It’s very fun, despite a dumb (but mildly entertaining) terrorist narrative. Also, kudos to Ubisoft for a nice implementation of the Gamepad, I wouldn’t want to play the game without it and that’s what our 4CR friend Eden seemed to think too. If you see the game on cheap, and you will, especially the Wii U version, give it a try.

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