Kickin’ It With Prismatic Games – Hex Heroes

by Antonio Garcia

More and more indie devs are developing games for the Wii U. Joining the crowd, Prismatic Games is trying to secure the funds needed to develop Hex Heroes as a Wii U console exclusive! We talked with them to learn more about the game and their Kickstarter Campaign.

4cr: Welcome! Thanks for being here. Care to introduce yourself and give us some background info on Prismatic Games?

With degrees in Computer Science and Game Art and Animation, Mario Castañeda is the creative lead behind Hex Heroes. His most notable work was the art for The Bridge, but he’s been involved in indie development since 2008. Chris Jennewein, the business end of Prismatic, has been involved in software development for over 6 years and has degrees in Computer Science and Game Production. Together they’re Prismatic and as lifelong Nintendo fans, are dedicated to making Hex Heroes, Prismatic’s inaugural title, a truly unique experience.

4cr: You teased a Kickstarter campaign for a Wii U exclusive, and now Hex Heroes is seeking $80,000 in funds. What do we need to know about Hex Heroes?

For starters, we’ve recently announced a PC version. It won’t be quite the same experience, but we aren’t treating it as an afterthought by any means. What you need to know about Hex Heroes, is that we’re making this game accessible to everyone. All ages and skill levels will find something for them.

Hex Heroes GIF

4cr: The combination of RTS and Party Game genres is very interesting and is sure to make the most of the multiplayer angle, but will the game also include a single player mode?

It sure will! Both the Wii U and PC version will boast single player variants of all the modes found in the game. Instead of dividing the experiences of delegating tasks in the sky and carrying those tasks out on the ground level between you and your friends, you’ll have to juggle both by looking at the TV and the gamepad.

4cr: How did you manage to get Grant Kirkhope on board?

Mario knew someone who knew Grant. They were introduced, traded a couple emails and later met at GDC 2014. Grant is a real down to Earth guy and liked what he saw of the project. I suppose the rest is history.

Hex Heroes Concept

4cr: You’ve revealed several cameos for the game, including Juan from Guacamelee, Max from Mutant Mudds, and Rusty from SteamWorld Dig (to name a few). Are there more cameos in the works?

Lots more. And lots of surprises. We’ve kept backers updated on the development of Hex Heroes every day, because we just have that much to reveal. We’re quickly becoming an indie strategy Smash Bros. game.

Hex Heroes Cameos

4cr: Have you considered any stretch goals in case the campaign ends up going well over its main funding goal?

Absolutely. We have some real fun ones planned that we’ll reveal next week. We’re trying to involve backers as much as possible, and so they’ll get to vote on the order we reach them – that way we deliver the exact game they want.

4cr: Are all rewards available only as digital goods, or are there any physical items available as well?

Rewards at the $100 tier and above start becoming physical. Everything from a shirt, to a signed soundtrack and poster, to a figurine of any class from the game is available. We put a great deal of time trying to tailor the rewards to be accessible.

Hex Heroes Concept 2

4cr: Thanks for taking the time to talk with us. Do you have anything else to add?

Yes. If you own a Wii U, you owe it to yourself to back Hex Heroes. Hex Heroes offers gameplay that was the reason you bought a Wii U. If you play on PC, then as gamers, we should be demanding more unique experiences from our games. Asymmetric gameplay has so much untapped potential.

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