4cr Plays – Yumi’s Odd Odyssey

by Antonio Garcia

Yumi’s Odd Odyssey is the sequel to a Japan-only SNES release that was later ported to the PSOne and the Nintendo DS, again as Japan-only releases. At its core, it’s a charming and quirky platformer starring Yumi and the peculiar tool she uses to defeat her enemies and overcome all obstacles: her fishing line!

The main gameplay mechanic revolves around Yumi’s fishing line which can be hooked on the floor, the ceiling, or the walls. Once she’s hooked the player can extend or retract the line to stretch it long enough for her to be sent flying all over the place depending on the length of the line and at what moment you release the hook. If you’re careful, you can also use the fishing line to lower yourself from platforms.

Yumis Swing

The game has a very unique look. Things are weird right from the start, and fighting fish with legs while jumping and swinging around environments with weird cans, signs, and objects really makes this title stand out. As if fighting fish wasn’t weird enough, the large bosses really amp up the crazy quota for the game.

Yumis Boss

As you progress in the game you’ll eventually run into levels that have more than one exit. These extra exits are usually placed in a hard-to-reach spot that will demand that you master Yumi’s skills in order to unlock a new path. Following a direct path you can finish the game in an hour by completing only 10 levels. This effort only represents the first of five endings, with 40 extra levels to play. In order to complete all 50 levels, you’ll probably spend between 7-12 hours total, depending on your skills.

Yumis 1

Yumi’s Odd Odyssey is a fun game that is hard to master, but very rewarding once you get things right. Mastering the swing mechanic for the fishing line is a must, and the game’s developers played with it to create some clever and punishing puzzles that will keep you busy for hours. If you want to see all the endings, you will have to do some tricky platforming while playing with physics in order to nail tricky jumps just before tricky swings to land on tricky platforms, and you’ll love it.

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