Kickin’ it with Cory Godbey – Tales from the Wilder Forest

by Antonio Garcia

4cr: Hello Cory, and welcome to Kickin It With. Before we get started, you should give our readers some information on who you are and what you do.

Thanks very much for having me here! The three main facets of my work are illustration, comics, and animation. I’ve gotten the chance to work on some wonderful projects over the years including comics for the Jim Henson Co. and producing animation for an award winning documentary film, The Last Flight of Petr Ginz.

For the last seven years now, I’ve produced at least one new series of personal work each year. And I guess that’s why we’re here talking today!

4cr: You’ve created a short Kickstarter campaign for funds to print Tales from The Wilder Forest. What can you tell us about this particular book?

Like I mentioned before, I create one new series or collection of work each year. I pick a theme and work through a sequence of related pieces. I then gather all of the work into a sketchbook. Once the dust settles from that I go back and decide which pieces from the new set I want to turn in to full painting and prints. In this way I keep myself moving forward with my work, the goal being creating and sustaining momentum. It’s turned out to be a great way to attract attention from clients as well as new fans.

In 2011 I was a guest at a fantasy art convention. That’s where I met Cael Jacobs (writer of Tales from the Wilder Forest) and we struck up an immediate friendship. He sent me the stories and I absolutely fell in love with them. After a little back and forth deciding just what to do I decided to take the book on as my next yearly personal project. That was 2011, of course I’ve done two other collections since then (mostly because of time). I didn’t want to rush these stories. I had to do them right.

Wilder Forest Sketchbook

4cr: Why did you end up going with a short 13-day campaign?

We had set out to do a 15 day campaign but wouldn’t you know it, Amazon wasn’t cooperating with me. It ended up taking two full days to get all my account information squared away before I could submit to Kickstarter. Plus, lucky 13, right?

4cr: Tales from The Wilder Forest is now funded, which means it’s time to talk about stretch goals. What do you have in mind? Perhaps moving the book to a Hardcover release, going for thicker paper, a dust jacket or even a slipcase for those at $75 and higher to hold the book and your newest Sketchbook could be an option?

It’s a great idea and one that Cael and I have talked through at length. We have a few ideas stirring in the pot but none that we’re ready to announce just yet.

I will say, from the outset we wanted to keep this project manageable for ourselves. For me, I wanted to focus on what I know and what I do best to deliver the best possible product. And from my experience with self-publishing my sketchbook collections the last several years I wanted to stick with my regular printer. I know their prices, quality, scheduling, all that. I’ve gotten to the point where I haven’t needed to request a proof for my last few books because I know they got it under control.

All that to say, a hardcover book with pages carved from crystal and gold leaf foil stamped embossing plus one hundred slip covers would be great (wouldn’t it??) but I don’t think it’s in the cards for this project. I won’t say never though.

4cr: Why isn’t there a digital version of Tales from The Wilder Forest being offered to backers that pledge for a physical copy of the book?

Good question! That’s one we might need to remedy.

Wilder Forest Original Art

4cr: Thank you for your time. Do you want to add anything else?

It’s been my pleasure! We’d just like to thank everyone who’s joining us in exploring the Wilder Forest. It’s going to be a beautiful book.

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