Kickin’ it with Actos Games – Apexicon

by Antonio Garcia

2014 is set to be the year of the indie developer on the Wii U, and Actos Games is ready to contribute to the celebration!

4cr: Welcome to Kickin’ it with. Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Hello there! I’m Jonathan Meyer, CEO, Coder, Project Designer, and Manager of Actos Games, LLC. I’m excited to be here!

4cr: Apexicon: Fantasy Puzzle Combat is a game on Kickstarter asking for $5,000 to complete a Wii U/PC only release. What is Apexicon all about?

APEXICON – Fantasy Puzzle Combat is a puzzle RPG based around creating words from a boggle-like board. Calling itself a “successor to Puzzle Quest”, it features four RPG classes, town-building, side-quests, and special hidden NPCs you can find to change the game’s multiple endings. Similar to Bookworm Adventures, you are able to deal more damage to enemies with your words based on the skills you activate and use during combat.

4cr: What did you learn from the first KS campaign you ran for Apexicon, and how did it help you to launch a campaign with a smaller goal?

Our first campaign was pretty good for an “unknown” developer, but we realized that we set the goal too high for a project that not too many people can get into (more people seem interested in action games, instead of a niche genre like Puzzle RPGs). That didn’t daunt us, as we have a real passion for this project, and we’d love to see it through!

The original campaign helped us realize that a smaller goal and items that are digital only will get everyone in on the fun; but also not have to worry about where they live to get in on the Apexicon action.

Apexicon Gif 1

4cr: Once funded, the game is set for release on August 2014, which is just around the corner! How do you plan to get the game out so fast?

Actually, we have most of the systems in place for the game (sans the town-building). Lots of our initial work went into this! Which means rapidly adding the story content will be very easy and adding the mini-games will work because the battle system is in place. We are targeting August 2014 and hope to make it.

4cr: How many people are working on Apexicon?

Besides myself working on the game itself using Scirra’s Construct 2 game engine, we have our composer, Scott Hitchcock, our main artist, Lee Che, and our UI artist, Janice Kim. Outside that, we tapped our voice over people, Amber Lee Connors, Ben Britton, and R.J. O’ Connell. They’re all fantastic people!

Apexicon Art

4cr: Why did you decide to go with a Wii U release?

Nintendo themselves actually offered us a development kit for their Nintendo Web Framework, which Construct 2 is compatible with. We believe that offering quality games on Nintendo’s eShop service will grow the platform into something special for Indie gamers and developers! Other than that, we believe the Wii U GamePad is perfect for our touch and play gameplay.

4cr: How long will it take someone to complete the whole game?

We’re shooting for 40 hours for each class, but depending on the Kickstarter going through, we may have to scale some of that back.

Apexicon Equipment

4cr: Thank you for doing this interview. Do you want to say anything else?

Yes! We’re not only on the Kickstarter! We have Alphas for both PC and MAC, so keep an eye on the project for Q&As from our people, as well as updates to the game itself and features. It’s so much more than just a project page, it’s a hub for all the current info about the game! If you want to know more direct information, you can reach us on twitter @ashodinventeal or

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