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by Antonio Garcia

Pure Chess has finally been released on the Wii U and the 3DS, bringing the ancient game of Chess to Nintendo’s current console and portable systems. Both those new to the game and those that have been playing for years will find something to like about this release, thanks to the useful tutorials that take rookies through each step towards becoming a master.

Once you’ve learned the basics, you can start playing one of several modes included in the game. There are single matches against the computer where you can select how smart the opponent is, puzzle matches where you’re given a set number of moves to win by checkmate, 3 different tournaments where you’ll be put to the test over several matches by opponents that are more and more difficult as you advance.

Pure Chess Wii U

Online play is relatively easy to use; all that you need to do is create a new user in order to register for the Pure Chess online community. Once that’s been taken care of you can start a random match, start a match with one of your registered friends, or send an invite to play with one of your previous opponents. You can actually play several online matches at the same time since each move is sent to your opponent, and you then wait for him/her to make a move, and so on. This was great for me since I could make my move and carry on playing another online chess match – or even play a different game – while waiting for my opponent to take their turn. I even managed to sneak in some work here and there between moves! To make things even better, Pure Chess supports Cross-Platform play, increasing he potential pool of opponents to challenge.

Pure Chess 3DS

The game includes Staunton, Checker, and Williams chess sets (which look great), along with three locations that provide the atmosphere and setting for each match (a Museum, a Penthouse, and a Library). If you would like to use extra chess sets, or be able to play the game at other locations, there are several DLC packs available that provide new chess sets or special combos of chess sets and new locations. As is the case with the main sets and settings, the DLC content is very detailed and polished, and is a nice extra that adds some variety to the game.

Pure Chess DLC

Pure Chess is an excellent chess game on Wii U and 3DS. Playing the game at home or on the go is great, and being able to play with opponents on either platform means you’ll always have an opponent waiting for you. At one point I was playing 6 online matches at the same time, jumping from one game to the next and back and it felt great. The tutorials, puzzle mode, tournaments, online play and the gorgeous pieces and locations make this a very polished game that all chess fans will enjoy.

Pure Chess Wii U 2

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