Kickin’ it with Julian Gollop – Chaos Reborn

by Antonio Garcia

Hello everyone! This week I got a chance to talk with legendary developer Julian Gollop about his newest project: Chaos Reborn.

4cr: Welcome to Kickin’ It With, and thank you for taking the time to do this. Would you mind giving our readers a bit of a background on who you are and what projects you’ve worked on?

I have been designing games for 32 years now, starting off with a game for the BBC model B microcomputer called ‘Time Lords’. My most well known game by far is ‘X-Com: UFO Defense’, or ‘UFO: Enemy Unknown’ as it was called in europe. I have also worked on ‘Ghost Recon Shadow Wars’ for 3DS and ‘Assassin’s Creed III Liberation for PS Vita’ while at Ubisoft.

4cr: Chaos Reborn is seeking $180,000 on Kickstarters to completely remake and expand on Chaos, a game you created and originally released almost 30 years ago. Why go back to Chaos? What can we expect from Chaos Reborn?

Chaos was a unique and fun game which could have up to eight players in one battle. It stood the test of time, because so many people have tried to remake the game over the years, and there are at least 34 publicly available clones in existence. With Chaos Reborn I want to keep the core mechanics of the original, which worked so beautifully, but expand the game for the modern generation of connected gamers. There will be extensive multiplayer online modes, plus a huge single player RPG system where you can explore the Realms of Chaos, defeating AI controlled Wizard Lords and Kings. There will be co-op modes, guilds, equipment and trading.

Chaos Reborn 1

4r: So far the game is set for a release on PC, Mac and Linux. With the way strategy games have sold recently on consoles and portables, have you considered bringing Chaos Reborn to 3DS, Vita, Wii U, PS4 or XBO?

It’s not in our current plans, but I certainly have a fondness for the 3DS. We would have to investigate the practicalities though, because it would need some special design for 3DS features. The game could work well on the Wii U for local multiplayer where the player whose turn it is can use the Gamepad to select spells and illusions secretly while the other players watch the action on the TV. However, we will have to see if we can raise enough funds to consider working on these platforms.

Charos Reborn - Bear

4cr: How big of a team have you assembled (or plan to) in order to bring your full vision to life?

Currently I have a team of 6 which might be expanded slightly in the future, but not much.

4cr: How long will backers have to wait before they can try the alpha of Chaos Reborn?

The existing prototype requires a bit of attention to bring it up to a releasable quality, but it is not far off, so it would take 2-3 months following the end of our Kickstarter campaign.

Chaos Reborn - Character Evolution

4cr: Is the art style for the game going to stay as close as possible to what has been currently shown, or will models be changed with a new set of textures after the alpha build has been polished?

We want to keep the strong colour schemes and shading for the creatures, but add a lot of animation and special effects to them. So there will be significant enhancement of the creatures, for sure.

4cr: The game is set for a release on May 2015, but as well all know delays can happen. Is the May 2015 wishful thinking or have you already considered an extra month or two of time into the equation for any unforeseen circumstance in order to release by said deadline?

There is some contingency in my planning, but it will still require some hard work on our part to bring the quality of the game up to a high standard. We will do the absolute best we can.

Chaos Reborn 2

4cr: Once again, thank you for your time. Would you like to say anything more before we go?

Just a big thank you to everybody who has backed Chaos Reborn on Kickstarter, or otherwise supported it by writing about it and talking about it. We live in exciting times!

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