Things X 5 – March 31, 2014

by Francois Joron


Book of covers

The Art Of Atari: From Pixels To Paintbrush is a coffee table book in development by designer Tim Lapetino (who also published the pretty neat graphic design book Damn Good). The book seeks to collect all of the 136 cover artworks that Atari commissioned for the boxes of its console games during the late 1970s and early 1980s. Those Atari illustrations were all pretty distinctive, often stylistically similar to the 70s pulp and sci-fi illustrations but sophisticated and with a twist of imagination to fill the blanks of the then abstract pixelated games. Polygon recently published a great feature on the upcoming book.

01_AtariBook_101_AtariBook_22Look what I got: Kuru Kuru Kururin


I’ve been wanting this game for a long time and I’ve finally found a used, complete copy of the game for a decent price. Kuru Kuru Kururin was a launch game for the GBA in Japan (and also Europe if I’m not mistaken) and features gameplay that is not unlike the irritating stick fun fair game but less irritating and cuter.


I haven’t had much time to play the game beyond its tutorial, but it looks like a pretty neat puzzle game with a great potential to become devilish. Maybe Nintendo will finally bring Kuru Kuru Kururin in North America through the recently announced Wii U GBA Virtual Console service. Okay, probably not, but who knows?


A game about Dave

Woah Dave! is a brand new game by beloved BIT.TRIP series studio Gaijin Games and is described as “a frantic, score-chasing arcade game where players gun for digital glory by destroying monsters, stealing their loose change, and triggering more than enough explosions to deplete the O-Zone entirely.” Woah Dave! will be coming soon for “many major consoles”. This looks like a perfect contender for my 3DS but I would go as far as to play anything made by Gaijin Games on my dishwasher or even a Tiger Electronics handheld. Check out the trailer below.


Ugly shirt


I don’t know if it’s just me, but I think whoever is responsible for designing Club Nintendo rewards can do much better than simply slapping assets on a t-shirt. This New Yoshi’s Island (how’s the game?) shirt looks pretty boring and generic to me, especially when cool people are doing a much better job at Fangamer, Meat Bun or, if you’re filthy rich, The King of Games.


Now playing: cowboys & indians ()


I haven’t had much time to play games lately, but when I do I’m usually playing Red Dead Redemption (and a tiny bit of Knytt Underground when I’m too tired). I’ve been wanting to play this game forever but only came around buying it digitally a few weeks ago when Rockstar had a huge sale on the PSN and got it, along the Undead Nightmare expansion, for only $10. It took me 2 or 3 sessions before getting into the game (for a reason or another I was fighting with the control scheme, it’s a bit more stiff than GTA V) but the western atmosphere ultimately won me over. In traditional Rockstar nature, the gameplay, story, characters and ambience are all nicely refined but more importantly, they finally nailed horseback controls in a video game. I don’t know if I’ll ever finish Red Dead Redemption, I have a tremendous backlog and the game seems pretty long, but, right now, I’m having a blast.

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