Famicom Dojo Podcast: Audio Bonus

by Sean Corse

Did you ever wonder what happened to Wisdom Tree, the unauthorized NES publisher infamous for its Bible-themed games. It’s actually more interesting where they came from: a little company called Color Dreams. (Oh, don’t worry, we’ll get to how it ended, too.) Do you want to hear Vinnk and Sindra bond over Silent Hill, while I’m left dumbfounded? Or maybe you’d just like to find out a bit about the history of Superman films? Or perhaps how I got bitten by the video-making bug that would later become the Famicom Dojo series!

This podcast has all of those things, because they are four separate stories that we broke off from their main podcasts as audio bonuses. These were previously exclusive to the FamicomDojo.tv website, but now you can here them all here as a regular episode of the podcast! It took nearly three years for some of this stuff to make the cut, but you know what happens to those who wait, right? Bedsores.

Famicom Dojo Podcast 89: Audio Bonus
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