4cr Plays – Bubble Pop World

by Antonio Garcia

Bubble Pop World has been released on the 3DS eShop and it’s a rare release that uses the AR card (the one with the Question mark block) that comes with the 3DS. I don’t know about you, but it’s been a while since I used the cards, so I was very intrigued about this new game from Cypronia.

At it’s core, Bubble Pop World is a color matching game like Puzzle Bobble or Zuma where you use the 3DS camera to aim colored bubbles at whatever the AR card is showing on the screen. You can either play in puzzle mode where every level features a specific figure that must be popped with a limited amount of bubbles, or in arcade mode where things are a bit more relaxed.

Bubble Pop World Main Menu

Both modes feature the same mechanics, so playing one or the other will allow you to get better at the other. Since some figures are made of several same-colored bubbles (as you can see from the image below), shooting a single bubble can help you get a huge combo while you clear a big chunk of the screen, and some trial-and-error is needed when bubbles are hidden on deeper layers of the 3D construct.

Bubble Pop World 1

By clearing each level you receive coins which can be used at the shop in Arcade mode to purchase power-ups such as a bomb to clear several bubbles at once, or a special item that makes a bubble turn white, allowing you to use any bubble to clear it. You’re given a few of each power-up to get started so that you can try them out in action.

Speaking of Arcade mode, after you finish each level a spinning globe will show up on the screen, and once it stops spinning an arrow will select one of the minigames included in the game. You might be required to shoot at a clown-fish that is moving all over the screen, or at crabs that are moving towards the center of the screen, or a number of other challenges. These minigames help to add more content on top of the 120 levels available in puzzle and arcade mode, and are a welcome extra.

Bubble Pop World 2

You can also customize your own levels to share with the world thanks to the magic of QR codes, and you can also import those from other people by scanning their QR code, increasing the amount of content you can play.

As was to be expected, you need to be in a well-lit area and have a steady grip on your 3DS to make Bubble Pop World function properly, but even the odd hiccup here and there does not break the experience.

Bubble Pop World is a great release that gives you a good reason to get out the AR card that was included with our 3DS. The color-match mechanic as the main gameplay hook means that it is very easy to pick-up-and-play, and it features a lot of content for a low price. I spent several hours playing all of the levels, and I was very happy with the results.

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