4cr Plays – Castlestorm: The Warrior Queen

by Antonio Garcia

Did you like Castlestorm? Did you enjoy the¬†From Outcast to Savior¬†expansion? Then you’ll love The Warrior Queen! The latest DLC release for Castlestorm allows us to once again control the vikings, this time with a special focus on the Warrior Queen Freia, out on a journey to defeat the evil vikings lead by Chief Ramhorn.

As is the case with From Outcast to Savior, this expansion adds a new 20 level campaign along with some new weapons and units to keep things fresh. The gameplay mechanics are still the same, and the new weapons make it easier to aim at getting a 5-star score on each level, as long as you spend enough money to upgrade them.

Freia - Badass Viking Girl

You have the option of jumping right into this new DLC even if you haven’t completed either of the main campaigns for Castlestorm (or the From Outcast to Savior DLC), but I should warn you this is the hardest set of levels in the whole game, and it would be best if you worked on completing the rest of the content so you are ready for this punishing but fun expansion.

Viking Elites!

The campaign itself is about two hours long if you’re playing on normal, but if you want to 100% the game and earn all the stars for each level, you’ll probably have to spend an extra hour or so collecting extra money to upgrade your weapons and skills.


The Viking Queen expands on the basics from the main campaigns in Castlestorm by adding new elements to keep things moving in the right direction. The extra 20 levels, harder difficulty curve, new weapons and units will keep you going until the end. After playing the game and both DLC packs from start to finish (twice!) I’m definitely looking forward to either a new DLC pack or a full sequel.

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