Kickin’ it with Yanin Studio – Red Goddess

by Antonio Garcia

Indie developers have had a lot of success on Kickstarter, and we see more and more European studios trying to strike gold on the crowdfunding platform. Today, we talk with Spain-based Yanim Studio about their project: Red Goddess

4cr: Hi Yannick! Could you please tell us a bit more about yourself and about Yanim Studio?

Hi. My name is Yannick Puig, and I’m the Director at Yanim Studio. My work focuses on leading the teams in charge of programming, art level design, as well as overseeing and working on character designs and their 3D animations. Our current project came from an idea I had for an animated series, and our future goal would be to create this videogame to then work on the animated series.

4cr: Right now you’re running a Kickstarter to secure the funds needed to develop Red Goddess. What can you tell us about this new game?

Red Goddess is about a troubled goddess named Divine. Her mind has become clouded and ill, and Divine is haunted by her past. A mysterious and unknown corruption is tearing her apart from the inside, destroying her mind, her soul, and eventually her.

She embarks on a journey to try and correct this by going inside of her own consciousness, a huge planet within her mind that is covered in mountains, forests, caves, and untold dangers. Discovering who she is, who she was, and what she’ll become is our quest, but there is more to this than what is being seen.

Players control Divine’s emotions, gathering fragments of lost memories and destroying the evil that lives within her. Since at times they have limited control over Divine, players must think ahead and solve puzzles as they go by possessing enemies, or by channeling your emotions to become Fury, the embodiment of rage, or Chill, the embodiment of fear.

Red Goddess 1

4cr: What platforms will Red Goddess be released on once you’ve secured the funds for developing the game?

Once funded, the Red Goddess will initially be available on PC, with Mac and Console versions to follow depending on our funding total.

Red Goddess Possess

4cr: How many people will be part of the team working on Red Goddess?

On programming duty we have Ismael and two new people that have just been hired. On 3D we have Oscar and Andrea. Level design is being done by Jordi. The music will be created by Sylvan and Ronald (if we get enough funding). And I’ll be directing the project. So, in total there will be 9 people working on the project.

Yanim Studio

4cr: Have you considered some stretch goals in case you go over the $50,000 set as the main goal for the campaign?

Yes! Here is a list of what we have planned for the extra funds we can collect from this campaign.

$ 50,000 – Initial funding goal ─ Release of the game in Windows $ 60,000 – Mac version
$ 70,000 – Additional enemies $ 80,000 – New areas $ 90,000 – Improve Level Design
$ 100,000 – AI and Gameplay mechanics refine $ 110,000 – Additional world areas
$ 120,000 – Additional Boss/NPCs characters. Extended story. $ 150,000 – Wii U version
$ 180,000 – Language Translation $ 220,000 – PS4/Vita
$ 300,000 – Extra refinement and CGI Cutscenes $ 400,000 – Improve character and level design
$ 450,000 – Hire an extra new programmer + AI refinement + more interactive world
$ 500,000 – Multiplayer mode. Add more developers to the team.

Red Goddess Concept Art 1

4cr: Will the rewards from the project be available only digitally, or will there be physical rewards as well?

Actually, you can get both. Here’s an image that lists some of our rewards for easy reference.

Red Goddess Rewards

4cr: January 2015 isn’t far away. How is Yanim Studios planning to make sure that the launch date is not delayed?

We’re about to finish our second prototype, and we have taken into consideration the time needed to finish the project, as well as our other goals, when setting a release date.

Red Goddess Concept Art 2

4cr: Thank you for taking the time to do this interview. Would you like to add anything else?

Thank you for supporting our campaign. We want to see this project succeed, and we need the proper funds to do so. Even though we’ve managed to get the game approved for a Steam release, we need to finish the project in order to place it there. We have several offers in place for the project once the game has been developed and, therefore, we now need to focus on securing the financing to finish our product.

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