Kickin’ it with Josh Ulrich – Newman

by Antonio Garcia

4cr: Hello Josh! Thanks for joining us for today’s Kickin It With. Would you please give our readers some info about yourself?

Happy to join you! I am a cartoonist and colorist who has been working in comics professionally for going on three years. I have two personal projects I produce, “Newman”, and my graphic novel series “Jackie Rose”. Both can be found at my website I’ve done color
work on titles such as Reed Gunther, Adventure Time, Bravest Warriors, The Simpsons, and more.

4cr: You’re currently running a campaign over on Kickstarter for a Season 2 subscription to Newman, a webcomic you’re working on. What do we need to know about Newman?

Newman is like Hellboy meets The Office. It’s a romantic comedy set in a modern day fantasy world. It stars Newman, a sword wielding gnome, and his girlfriend and partner, Gwen, a drow princess. They are both professional monster hunters, and the stories focus around their relationship and the adventures they get into.

4cr: The project is already funded, which is a little bit weird considering you’re basically going for a “pay what you want” model for the campaign. Why did you decide to take this approach?

The quick response to the project was amazing. I imagined I would get a lot of low level pledges that would add up over time, but really it’s been almost entirely $15 and up pledges. I’ve seen the pay what you want model work with great success for other digital creators in the past, so I felt it was my best option.

Newman 1

4cr: Speaking of being funded, have you considered any stretch goals for the campaign?

Absolutely. The initial goal of $2,500 is just the beginning. I integrated the stretch goals right from the beginning because I wanted people to know that the more backers we get, the more Newman everyone gets in return. Most of the rewards are digital at this point, but the project continues to grow, there will be some really fun physical rewards opening up!

Jackie Rose

4cr: You’re previously ran a successful Kickstarter campaign for Jackie Rose, a project that backers can get in this new campaign as a Reward from the $15 and up tiers. Jackie Rose is a lovely book – which I own – and I was wondering how what did you learn from running that first Kickstarter that is being applied to your campaign for Newman?

The first Kickstarter taught me what I’m able to handle, and better prepared me for the fulfillment side of these projects. This project is actually quite different than Jackie Rose, because the end goal is primarily digital, rather than printing a book (though there IS a stretch goal for that!). In this way, my costs are greatly reduced and I’m able to make Newman more of a day job, and produce a lot more comics for the readers!

Newman 2

4cr: Thanks for your time. Do you need to add anything else before we go?

I would just like to encourage everyone to check out the first season of Newman online at, and if you like it, consider backing season two! For as little as one dollar, you can get access to the complete subscription for season two! I want as many people as possible reading my work, so I’ve made the entry level really low. So if you, or somebody you know is a fan of comics, or monster slaying romantic comedies, send them my way!

Thanks for having me on your site, and thanks to all the backers who have, or who will support the project!

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