4cr Plays: Castlestorm – From Outcast to Savior

by Antonio Garcia

If you loved Castlestorm, then From Outcast to Savior will give you just what you needed! This first DLC pack can even be played even if you haven’t finished the game. But because the story carries on from where the game itself ended it wouldn’t hurt to complete the main campaign before diving into this new journey.

From Outcast to Savior features a new, mysterious hero who finds himself in the middle of a nefarious plot to kidnap the Princess of the Realm. If you already played the core game, it’s a story you’ve no doubt heard before, but this time the villain is Chief Ramhorn, a vicious Viking warrior who makes the story different enough to work as the setting for a new adventure. Also, the princess is kidnapped more than once since it seems the hero is not very good at his job.

From Outcast to Savior Skyship Harbor

Everything I’ve said in the past¬†about Castlestorm proper still applies to the new set of twenty missions. On top of new content, you will visit new and detailed locations, and have new weapons and troops at your command to change things around a bit here and there. As I mentioned at the start of this review, playing the main game before playing From Outcast to Savior is a good idea, not only to be able to follow the story, but also to make sure you’ve learned all you need to know in order to beat the levels from this DLC campaign. Overall, the difficulty is closer to the last set of levels from the main game and it shows no mercy unless you play on Casual.

Castlestorm Royal Airport

If your aim is to beat From Outcast to Savior on Hard mode¬†some grinding will be required in order to raise the cash needed to upgrade weapons, troops, hero, and magic spells. Speaking as someone how got all the trophies on PS3 for Castlestorm and it’s DLC I can say that the game is still fun during multiple runs, and since most levels can be beaten either by destroying the enemy’s castle or by capturing its flag, you can morph your playing style as you upgrade your tools.

From Outcast to Savior New Unit

Castlestorm: From Outcast to Savior expands on everything that Castlestorm did right, introducing more content to explore and enjoy. The strict requirements on the highest difficulty setting will demand near perfection from you on some of the levels if you want to 100% the game with a 5 star rating, and it will provide a welcome challenge for those that have achieved perfection in the main game. All in all, at $3 you get about two to three hours of extra single player content depending on skill, difficulty setting, and how much you want that perfect 5 star rating.

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