Things X 5 – March 10, 2014

by Francois Joron


So, how can I get a job at Nintendo in Japan? 



Because I want this book. It’s a compendium book given to employees, detailing the history of the company as well as the company’s management, strategy and departments; and it is beautifully designed. This year edition is all based on the company’s classic hanafuda cards illustrations, featuring Nintendo’s iconic toys like the Ultra Machine and the Love Tester. See more pictures on beforemario, the best blog around for everything on Nintendo’s past, prior to its videogame hay days.


Feeling down? This will cheer you up.

One NeoGAF member has opened a thread asking people to capture the worst screenshot of otherwise gorgeous games. The thread starts off quietly with badly applied textures and jaggy edges, until this:


And then it gets absolutely absurd with Forza5 screenshots, like this one:



Game ratings 101


If you’re wondering how your games gets rated, NintendoLife have thoroughly detailed the process of game ratings by region. It’s an insightful look at the cumbersome, complex, and yet, mandatory procedure featuring comments by indie developers and publishers like Renegade Kid’s Jools Watsham, Ripstone and Two Tribes. As the feature is heavily focused on download-only game makers, I can easily see this article serving as a tool for any aspiring indie publisher. Keep this one bookmarked.




It sadly has nothing to do with the ReBoot TV series but Master Reboot is a first-person puzzle game I’ve been eyeing since its release on Steam but it took me by surprise when it just released for the PS3 as a digital download last week. The game’s ambitious mix of horror, abstract art style and overall experimental premise received some mixed reviews but something tells me that I still should give it a try. Also, Wales Interactive, the team behind the game, should release it for the Wii U’s eShop pretty soon.


Calm spelunking and cursing fairies.


Lately, it seems I’m ending my x5 features with the game I’m currently enjoying, so I’ll try to pursue the tradition. After Retro City Rampage and, more specifically, The Last of Us and, to a lesser extent, Deadly Premonition (more on this one on 4CR this week), I needed something a bit quieter and less agressive so I’ve started Knytt Underground by Nifflas on my Wii U. So far, I’ve been really enjoying the game’s mix of exploration, platforming (with some sporadic tough obstacles) and non-sensical story. I was also happy to return to an ambience similar to NightSky, another game by Nifflas I’ve been immensely enjoying. More importantly, the game’s gorgeous art direction and amazing soundtrack, available for free here, is the right kind of medicine after a succession of intense games.

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