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by Antonio Garcia

A one man development team RCMADIAX has just released the first Nintendo Web Framework game on Wii U. It’s a puzzle game named Blok Drop U. For you tech-savvy readers, the Nintendo Web Framework is a development environment where HTML5, CSS and JavaScript can be used to create (or port) games to the Wii U.

But getting back to the game, Blok Drop U is a game where a block is dropped by getting rid of nasty and evil gray blocks that are keeping a lonely red block away from the safety of a flat surface. This is the main premise, and it can be quickly understood with the image below.

Blok Drop U - How to Play

There game has a total of 30 levels, and there are 3 groups of 10 levels each under a specific theme. The first group is set over the basic premise by itself, with no extra elements and is simple and to the point. The second group of levels introduces deadly blades that will destroy the red block as soon as they touch it. You must learn their patterns to drop the block to safety.

Blok Drop U - Blades

The third group of levels introduces bouncing blocks that go crazy and bounce all over the place as soon as they’re moved from their starting position.

Blok Drop U - Bounce

Blok Drop U is controlled by tapping on the GamePad’s touchscreen to get rid of the gray blocks, and the same screen is mirrored on your TV. This is a similar approach to what we saw from Rush by Two Tribes, thus making it easier to focus on the Gamepad itself and forgetting about the TV.

The presentation takes a minimalist approach, with solid colors, and solid physics, as the star of the show. Playing all 30 levels will take you only a couple of hours at most while trying to figure out one of the many solutions for each puzzle.

Blok Drop U Basic

Blok Drop U is a solid puzzle game in the Wii U eshop. While the game is short, it’s only $2, and RCMADIAX has told me that the game will receive more levels (for free) soon, along with an extra bit of polish here and there.

UPDATE: Since the game has now been updated thanks to a patch, I figured it was time to revisit this review.

The new patch includes the following:

a) Upgraded graphics for the game, making everything look smoother and more defined.

Blok Drop U New Screen

b) A new main menu for selecting all current levels in the game (remember, more will be released in an update later in the year).

Blok Drop U New Menu

c) AND, most importantly, the update adds a save file so that players can continue playing without having to start all over again.

Blok Drop U Save

This updates makes Blok Drop U a better game, and it is now even easier to recommend it.


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